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{April 4, 2011}   I feel your jealousy.

So this past weekend I was invited to go to a secret screener with some of the C2E2 guys. These guys being the same ones I saw Sucker Punch and Paul with previously, but yeah I know I never got the review up about that.

>>Insert chorus of boos and you sucks here<<

So none of us knew what the screener was, we just had passes.

Who wants to know?

Do you?

Are you sure?

If you follow my Twitter feed you already know.

But it was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2!

Part of me really wants to put up the review of the film. But I don’t think that would be fair, considering those of us who were in the theater were the first to see it.

It wasn’t done, there was a lot of green screens, and little cue cards as to what is supposed to be going on.

So I’m leaving it up to you. Do I post a review? Or do you want to wait until the movie comes out? You’ve got a few months to go still. It is a book, and I could just tell you to go read it to prevent any spoilers (because really…it is a book first) But I want your opinion if you want a review up.

I was going to review Porcelain Black’s new song “This is what Rock n Roll looks like” but I really don’t have much to say about it. Its a great song, it’s catchy, you should check it out. I’ve been listening to her for about 5 years, although she was performing under the name Porcelain and the Tramps when she first debuted.

I am working on super project this week, so I will try and get as many posts up as I can.


{March 23, 2011}   C2E2 Pictures!

My guilt actually kicked in here, as I didn’t mention a lot of the awesome people I worked with at C2E2. I blame the fact I was banging my head against the keyboard as I was typing out the original post con report because words were not coming to me.

Anyway, here’s pictures!!

The HUUGE Banner you saw when walking into C2E2

Green Lantern!

Brian’s shoes. Can you see why I am uber jealous of them??

Brian and I at the Retailers Summit dinner! Free pizza WOOHOO!

Chris Hemsworth Q&A. I didn’t get to meet him. This made me very, very, very sad.

Laurie Holden from The Walking Dead. She was absolutely wonderful, and adorable. Sunday was Kid’s Day, and she kept stopping children to coo over them. It was ADORABLE.

Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead. Seriously one of the sweetest guys I met. And offered to get me a sandwich…which was a total “What the hell is going on here” moment for me.

Tahmoh Penikett from BSG and Dollhouse. Remember how I said earlier I had a “Who are you, why do I know you” moment with Aleks? He’s standing on the other side of Tahmoh here >_<

Sam Trammell from True Blood. He was really nice at this point (he was cranky Sunday…not that I blame him)

Sam Trammell, Kristin Bauer and Brit Morgan of True Blood. All of them very nice people, and nice enough to take a pic with me!

This is from the Chuck Q&A…since I haven’t started watching the show yet I really didn’t know what was going on here lol.

Remember how I said Sunday morning we started getting delirious? This was Khalil and I battling out the Swimsuit shirts.

Again with the delirium. We were all deciding who got to be WordGirl. Cole put on her head…

Then Kristin…

But Michelle won the role!

Peter and I! Anytime you see me talking to ChiTownSpidey on Twitter, thats this guy. We’ve been talking since the first manager meeting. He’s awesome!

No..No I don’t remember what was going on at this point.

This is Jonathan, or @TheOnlyJonathan on Twitter. He’s a fantastic artist and we’ve kept in contact through there. Real nice guy, so I hope you all bought stuff from him!

Randy, the creator of Something Positive. This is also the winner of “Worst Picture of Me”. He is super awesome, really really nice, and I got a picture of PeeJee this year! (I got Nancy last year)

Mark Sheppard of Firefly, BSG, Warehouse 13, Doctor Who…long list of awesome shows. This guy was a trip, he kept wandering away!

Remember Bravo, who I dubbed my bitch? This is him with Mark Sheppard. I think I was the only one with a camera thing on me at the time…but anyway, he’s shy but he wound up meeting everyone anyway. Good for you Bravo!

It was brought to my attention I never mentioned Matt in the Hat…I’m sorry!! This would be him, he’s a super awesome amazing fella who kept me company during part of the Masquerade. He couldn’t handle the host though and left for Console Freeplay…who could blame him? We didn’t get to work together much, but we hung out when we could!

This is Mike Holman, of Jackass fame. This guy was super nice, and I felt bad that no one knew who he was. We hung out a lot, along with the cast from Paranormal State: The New Class (who, I didn’t get a picture of for some reason. I’m awesome.)

Aleks Paunovic and Tahmoh Penikett. Best. Man Sandwich. Ever.

Eliza Dushku from Dollhouse, Buffy, Bring it On…there’s a lot to list. Yes, I met her and her boyfriend Rick Fox. They are both really really nice. Super intimidating.

Ok, thats all the pictures I have. Its 1:30 in the morning, so I’ll try to add more descriptions when I’m more awake later. Enjoy!

{March 21, 2011}   C2E2: The Post Con Report

Woo! Well, here we are folks, the Post-Con report of C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, the big con I’ve been talking about, tweeting about, and reposting everything about for months!

I was an area manager, which means I didn’t get to experience everything at the con, but I do want to write what it was like being a volunteer and what I did get to encounter while I was working. I’m going with Friday-Sunday, since Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much just prep-work and bag stuffing.

Also, I will post the pictures of everyone I met in a following blog post, since I am currently on a work computer and not at home I don’t have access to that stuff.

Friday was spent running like a fool most of the time, trying to find people that I didn’t know which is hard. Doubly hard was that one of the people who I was talking about no one seemed to know who she was, so I was forced to believe for over 4 hours there was elaborate prank being played on me.  During those 4 hours I was also directing traffic and trying to help out as much as possible. That was also my first look at the exhibit hall, which was huge! I was impressed. After I finally found Keithanddave (yes, that is what they will be forever lumped as since you can never find one without the other) and Nikki I was scheduled to work the IGN Theater, which meant Comedy Death Ray with Patton Oswalt! I played ticket looker…since we didn’t take the tickets away. My voice was giving out after what felt like the millionth “Thank you!” I did get to enjoy the show from the door, but I didn’t get to watch the opening acts. Patton Oswalt killed it though, he was amazing. After we got the room cleared I headed out and back to where I was staying for the weekend…working early in the morning then working at the con made me a little tired.

Saturday I got in to the con around 9:30-10ish and immediately went upstairs to do crowd control in the IGN Theater for the Chris Hemsworth THOR Q&A. For the most part everyone was very agreeable to the squish together and make new friends line. There were two types of VIP, which was the original VIP and then the Chris Hemsworth VIP, which got first access and a private signing with him. A lot of people who had the original VIP thought these were one in the same, which I had to explain no, the Hemsworth VIP paid a significant amount more and regular VIP had to wait in the general admission line. This did not make for a few happy campers, and press was not easy about it either.  After that Q&A I was told to sit backstage, since the doors kept locking. Score one for this girl, because I got to meet everyone who came backstage then, including Tahmoh Penikett[Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse], Eliza Dushku [Dollhouse, Buffy] (which, there is a funny story to this, that I will explain later) Aleks Paunovic [Battlestar Galactica] (another story), Jon Bernthal [The Walking Dead] (who is the SWEETEST guy I have ever met), Laurie Holden [The Walking Dead] and the some of the cast of True Blood (which I squeed a lot about). After that, a guy walked backstage on his own, and we were talking for a bit about the next panel, which was Vampire Diaries. I don’t watch the show so I didn’t know anything about it, but he told me it was pretty decent and to check it out. After that I was shooed away from backstage by CW and watched the panel. Apparently I was talking to Michael Trevino…and didn’t realize it. I’m really hoping I didn’t say anything insulting about the show! After they left I went backstage to let people in for the Chuck panel. Another show I don’t watch, but keep meaning to, and got to see everyone from it before getting shooed out again. Then it was time for set up for the Masquerade.

The Masquerade was really cute; there were some really cute acts. The biggest complaint and I mean this was HUGE complaint, was the host. He was, in fact, awful. He sang three songs…the first song wasn’t bad, but then it started to become really self indulgent on his side of things and it just, kept, going. People were walking out by the hordes. So then the acts started, which had a really cute act with kids doing Avatar: The Last Airbender and Pop-Lockin Mario which was amazing. After all the acts concluded the host came back on stage…and showed us a (very long feeling) 15 minute clip from New York Comic-Con. Almost everyone left at that point, we had only about 2 rows of people left.  I got pulled by con-goers who wanted to complain about it as well. It was pretty bad. The winners were all very well done and I congratulate all of them! Headed home after that, since Sunday my shift started at 7am and I needed to rest. I know, I’m pretty lame sometimes.

Can I just say it was late Saturday night I woke up? Because 4am still seems like Saturday to me. Anyway, had to pack and get ready and hit the train out. Surprisingly still wasn’t the first volunteer in….and I was early. Sunday morning started off with Volunteer Office shenanigans since we all started off a little delirious.  Khahil talked me into drinking a 5 Hour Energy…which was disgusting. I really don’t know why people like them. Sure it’s only a couple seconds of gross but it is BLECH gross.

A lot of this stuff needs picture evidence here too, so when I can access the pictures I can tell more about the delirium that happened Sunday Morning.

After that I was working in the Autograph hall with Bravo and Joe, which was fairly uneventful. In my slap happy state I decided Bravo was my bitch somehow. I was also somewhat cosplaying…again, pictures will explain it better…and had everyone in the hall sign my cape. This included those who I mentioned above, and then also Mark Shepphard [Firefly, Battlestar Galactica], Mike Holman [Jackass], the cast of Paranormal State: The New Class and Ghost Hunters. I also got to meet China Mieville, who I have to say is absolutely GORGEOUS, and he signed his book for me, but I forgot to have him sign my cape…curses.  Also some of the volunteers signed the cape which was awesome. Somewhere in my breaks I also met up with Jonathan (who I only really know as TheOnlyJonathan on Twitter, but is an extremely talented artist and we’ve kept in touch via Twitter) and Randal Millholland, from Something Positive. At about a quarter to five we all met in the back, and at 5 o’clock all the lights went out and cheers came from the exhibit floor. It was an amazing end to the con, and we all got to clear out the floor.

So here are the side stories.

Eliza Dushku:  So I was working backstage and Eliza came up to the door. I opened it, said hi, and then she walked in. She also had Rick Fox (her boyfriend) with her, and all of the security. I was about to ask for a picture when she was called out for the panel. Then she was rushed back out so I didn’t get to ask then either. Not to mention, to me she’s incredibly intimidating since I’m pretty positive she could kill me with her pinky. I know her boyfriend could. So then while I was working at the Autograph Hall on Sunday, I kept say how she was the only one I hadn’t met yet and Bravo (being he’s a dude and a nerd helps with this too) hadn’t met her yet either. But Bravo is shy. I had made good with her handler during the panel on Sunday, so I talked to him and he said I could meet her. So right before she took off for the airport I did get to meet her and get a picture, even after saying hi and briefly talking with her in the tent a good 2 or 3 times. Bravo did too, although he was even her security while she went shopping and he was still too shy to say hi. Boys! Haha.

The Aleks story isn’t nearly as fun, but essentially is I was playing the “Who the hell are you” game, I knew who he was, I couldn’t figure out why he was travelling with Tahmoh, and then after they left backstage it hit me like a ton of bricks. DUH. He’s in one of my favorite episodes of BSG (the boxing episode). Yeah, dorkin it like a champ.

So my clock is running out on work time and I think I’ve given you enough to read. Enjoy until I can get the pictures up!

{March 18, 2011}   Its Happy Thought Friday!

Since I have a more regular access to the internet and to wordpress so that I could actually blog how I would like to (hooray for work!) I thought I would talk about something that I actually find myself talking about more and more these days.

Its about letting go.

A little over a year ago I had just broken up with the boyfriend I thought I would marry, lost my Oma (grandmother) to unknown causes, my father had a lot of back problems and I wasn’t in a good place mentally. I know that with the chemical imbalances I have up there its pretty common, but it was bad.

Over the course of this year I realized that, well to put it lightly, shit happens. The breakup was actually probably the best thing that could have happened…since in looking back I was pretty miserable with the guy. I also let go of all of that anger and sadness and resentment I built up over the years. It was just too much to hold onto.

I know that everyone tells everyone to just let go, to just be who you are without holding back. That’s not entirely truthful. I believe in embracing who you are. I have severe OCD and Anxiety. I put it to use by being a personal assistant, because it organizing and paperwork and continuing my brain to function without thinking about everything else. I volunteer to do conventions or help out local charities because its putting things that I can’t really help to use. OCD is the way to be!

And I let go of all the hurt. People tend to suck. Its just life. People are going to hurt you, unintentionally or intentionally. You just can’t let it get you down. Money will ALWAYS suck. I’m below blue collar, I probably always will be, but you work with it.

Could things be better? Sure. But where you are right now is where you are supposed to be. I have to remember that constantly…numbers bother me, and I’m going to be 26 soon. I wasn’t expecting to be barely working and still living with my parents. But in 6 months that could change.  You never know what is going to happen.

Why am I posting about this stuff on a nerd blog you might ask? Well, in all honesty, more and more of my friends keep telling me how their lives suck, and how its crazy how happy I am.

Its not crazy. And their lives don’t suck. I want to shake them when they say things like them. A few of them have kids…they should be happy about that! A lot are in really good relationships that they have someone to be with, and are happy with. If your job sucks then find a new one. If you aren’t happy with your partner then leave them. These are all pretty simple changes.

So here is what I want everyone to do this weekend. List out the things that you think makes your life suck. Then right next to it, write how to fix it. Then, rip off the half of things that make your life suck and look at your list of things as to how to fix it. Make those your goals. Then take a really deep breath and just smile. You’ll feel better. You’ve set goals, and you’re smiling!

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend! If you are in the Chicago area, come visit me at C2E2! I will be working at the IGN Theater on Friday, Masqurade on Saturday and Autographing on Sunday.  Plus, I need people to go see what Marvel and DC’s big reveals are for me, since I’ll be working and miss the panels. I’ll see you all on Monday J

{March 17, 2011}   C2E2…The Beginning

So, for a few months now I’ve been talking about how excited I am that I will be an Area Manager for Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (or, more commonly known as C2E2). This is the weekend that it is happening folks so I’m telling you now to show up because you really, really don’t want to miss this.

I honestly could go into the details as to who all is going to be there, what all is going to be revealed…but if you do your homework and actually follow me on Twitter like I tell you to then you would already know all of this because I retweet EVERYTHING C2E2 constantly. HA!

Honestly, I don’t even want to list them all because it would take me forever. But more importantly, I can make you check the website for yourself. . Go. Now. Look.

If you are attending, please be nice to those of us working. It hasn’t happened to me personally, in this instance, but being rude and mean really won’t get you anywhere. Oh, and love of all that is good, please shower. I can’t stress this enough. The con will still be there, hop in for 5 minutes and put some soap on yourself, get out and put on deoderant. I didn’t have much problem with this last year, but I’m seeing the pattern that this year is going to be much bigger.

At the end of C2E2 I will be doing a Con Report…but it will be from a working stance, most likely not from a con-goer stance. Mainly because I won’t actually have much time out at the con. I’m putting my OCD to use here kids, which is the best thing to do with it.

If you are at C2E2, please come find me! Say Hi! I’m really quite friendly. Plus I have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle nails and I like showing them off. Is that weird? I think that’s weird.

Also, I want to wish everyone a happy and safe St. Patricks day, please make smart choices guys, don’t drive if you’re drinking. I doubt I’ll have time to drink (we’ll see how late I’m working tonight because I have early bird shift in the morning) but if you are, have one for me. I’m only a ¼ Irish but that’s enough for me to dress in green and eat lots of corned beef!

{December 7, 2010}   A Virtual Tour of My Life Part 1

Two posts in two days? WTF? I know right. I’m well on my way to becoming a SUPER BLOGGER!

Or. You know. Being unemployed and applying at jobs all day makes the mind go a little crazy, and I needed a break that was not in the form of a certain Epic videogame that mocks me for my lack of coordination as of late.

Here is a tour of a good percent of my life, which is spent in my house. We’ll start with my tiny room, with my ridiculous bed. You can click on the pictures to see them bigger. I doubt they are at full-res though.

View from the Door

Its a bit crampy

This is the room where all of my magical words come from. Don’t be fooled by the TV…the only thing it plays is DVDs, shown on the rack next to it. You can kind of tell the ridiculousness of my bed by its height here…the TV is placed on top of a table, with a giant suitcase on top of it. I paint, as you can tell by the easel.  That painting was just finished the day I lost my job…and was sitting for about a year before that. I paint when I get really stressed out that I can barely see straight…probably why I won’t sell any of them. My dresser mainly just stores my clothes..I tend to forget I have clothes once they go in there. You’re getting a lucky view of my room…I stayed up until 1am cleaning last night out of boredom. Artists that you can kind of see there are Lucy Knisley, David Willis, Randal Milholland, Danielle Corsetto and Erika Moen.

Ridiculous Bed!!

I told you my bed was ridiculous

My bed does not really fit in my room. At all. To do anything in there you almost always will be on the bed. This does cause awkward moments…there are just some people in the world you don’t want to share a bed with, even if you are just sitting there, you’re on a bed. So you automatically think something is going to happen. And then I have to scream and hide under giant bed…and I can’t help it that I have a huge (and comfy) bed!

Also, the whiteboard is something to make me feel like an adult. But in actuality, I haven’t written on it in months. My sister and boyfriend wrote on it last…back in August.

More artists featured here are Tom Kelly (which if I could find his website I would link) Jeph Jaques and more from Randal Milholland

I have a curtain up. Not that you can tell. Its white and useless.

More ridiculousness.

The mirrored wall was here when we moved in 80 trillion years ago.

I hate the mirrored wall. Again, it makes for awkward moments…because people think that I like to watch when bedroom things happen. First off, that would require bedroom things to happen. Secondly, it was here when we moved here. Thirdly, spiders live behind it and it makes me go ehhhhhhhhh. I hate spiders.

I have yoga pictures up…to motivate me to do yoga…and I never do. Mainly lack of room…you can’t do yoga on a bed. Pair that with my laziness, yeah it ain’t happening. Next to the yoga pictures on that little wall that sticks out so I can have a closet is a whiteboard/corkboard stuck with weightloss tips and where I monitor my weight. Obviously not pictured.

On my nightstand you see my laptop, which is on top of books because otherwise it overheats. I am, what we call around here, ghetto…because I can’t afford a new laptop and I would rather have it sit on top of books then to lose my laptop to a burning firey death (but that will probably be how I die). The thing is always on…because I constantly have to have noise. Even when sleeping. My brain overruns itself otherwise and I go crazy…crazier…and I need to be able to focus on something. Whether its bad music or The Big Bang Theory, something ALWAYS is playing so that I don’t have to overthink and hurt myself. But that side of crazy will be saved for another blog.

Pooh Bear is actually Secret Agent Pooh…it is a thing, shut up…and I’ve had him for a couple of months…he basically just keeps falling in the crack between the bed and the wall all the time. Pillows make the bed feel a little bit fuller, so I’m not in the giant thing by myself.

Look, I read! I'm smart!

Things that make me look smart

Hookah is not for pot. Clearing that up right now.

I have a ton and a half more books than that. But I’m lazy and haven’t gotten them from the various places where they are. Lots of little statues and knick knacks. Batman Costume. Epic Mickey figurine.

So that is part one of my life. Mainly because I think this is the longest post I’ve made, and I gotta figure out how to write the next part of it. Enjoy!

Evenin chaps!

No, I will not apologize for my goofy mood.

Anyway, this year I plan on hitting up as many cons as possible. Now, with my current job, plus the bakery and the bloggging, I’m finding it to be increasingly difficult for me to go to anything outside of my home Chicagoland area.

I’m pretty positive that I will be hitting up the main 3 cons of Chi-Town. C2E2…which I might be working at…jury is still out on that one. Anime Central (or ACEN, as it is also known as) and Wizard World…which I think is now just known as Comic-Con.

I’m going to try my hardest to get to San Diego Comic-Con. I’m worried about expenses of hotels and flight, and getting the time off. Plus, I love San Diego so I would want to stay down there longer than the con. Beach time mofos!

I also would like to try for New York Comic Con. I want to hit up the big ones.

Not to mention PAX and E3 and all of the other ones. Plus New England Webcomic Weekend (which I missed again this year)

In short, I really want to hit up as many Cons as possible this year. I would like to meet everyone who reads this (I think I’m up to 200 now. I don’t even know what to say to that.)

If I was to go any Con, which one is your favorite one? Hands down, no questions asked, it would be worth it for me to make my way out to it?

et cetera