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{August 2, 2012}   Ding! Level 27!

Today is my birthday.

I think normal people react to their birthdays with happiness and enthusiasm.

Personally, my birthday has always had drama linked to it, so I don’t really celebrate it. Last year I was told if I didn’t have a party my sister and her friends would take me to this local AWFUL country western bar that would make me want to tear out my ears and eyes. So I had a BBQ. There was good times and not so good times.


(ok, I’ll stop with the gifs now. I’m a gif addict. I’m sorry.)

I’m tired of being 26 though, so now it’s time to ding at level 27. +5 health, +2 mana. Upgrades include a new spine, new podcast, new novel and new website.

One thing I have come to realize is how important certain people in my life are. To not embarrass them I won’t name names, but I probably wouldn’t have made it to today without them. Something that isn’t talked about much (or I’ve touched on but never really got into how bad it actually is) is the soul crushing depression that hits when going major medical issues and/or life changes. 26 was a hard year. It was a needed year, because I have learned from it. I’ve grown from it. There are moments and things that I regret, but I can’t dwell on it.

So here’s what I did learn.

♪ Some people change, but mostly they don’t. Battling addiction is hard, even after the first few years pass. Don’t take it for granted that you did it, but remember that you have to keep doing it.

♫ Art is my passion. Writing, Singing, Acting, Dancing, Directing…all of it. It is what I do, it is what I will do for the rest of my life. There is no point in pretending that I will be happy in a cubical.

♪♫ I don’t have to push myself so hard. I break my spine that way. Also anger the brain tumor and get sick a lot. I need to not do that.

♪♫♪ Stop dwelling on the past, you can’t change it. Life’s too short to be unhappy. So quit being unhappy and just be happy.

♪♫♫ The song “Who’s Next?!” by Porcelain Black is the best song to workout to. Make sure it is on your workout playlist 900 times.

♪♫♫♪ No matter what anyone says, you can do whatever you want to do. It might take more time than other things, it might be more work than other things. But be prepared for it, and go for it.

♪♫♫♫ The trains are always going to smell bad.

♫♫♫♫ Muay Thai probably saved my life, in a strange way. It helped me cope with the panic attacks, the depression and everything else. The tentative return date is September, after PAX. My physical therapist wants to see how I handle the 3 conventions in 2 weeks before giving me a for sure go ahead. I will never be able to compete again, but I can train and help train others. To get that far will be a blessing.

♪♫♫♫♫ Podcasting is probably the most fun thing next to conventions. Do that more.

♫♫♫♫♫ Don’t engage the trolls.

So what happens next?

This weekend involves wine, games and fun. I am not fearing anymore drama this weekend.

My schedule opens a bit, so I am going to write more for KryptonianSpade and more into Alternates (which is almost finished being mapped out!)

On August 21st I head to Orlando for Star Wars Celebration. From there, on the 28th I fly to Seattle (my first cross country flight ERMAHGERD) for PAX Dev and PAX Prime.

October I will be at New York Comic Con again!

I might have some announcements for November, if you’re in Texas keep an eye out 🙂

Moving forward, one day at a time.


Okay, I admit, that is bad even for me. Here is an actual picture to end this post with.




I don’t regret what I do, I regret what I don’t do.

It’s been an interesting week.

When I first went into recovery post surgery I said I was going to do a blog a day, which would include the story I’m writing called Alternates.

I realized later that this is unrealistic, as I have a lot of projects going on top of this, along with trying to find a job with a steady paycheck for post recovery. Especially after the last announcement made to me about the gorram tumors.

The last bit of information sunk me pretty hard into a pretty bad depression. Like, I was depressed already, but I went back into the “what the fuck am I doing” mode, that made me question even living. Which is horrible, no one should ever have to feel that way.

Here’s the weird thing that happened though.

My brother gave me Microsoft points and downloaded Minecraft for me. I didn’t think anything of it because why would I care about a game that is literally Legos, when I have Legos AND Lego games? I had also sworn it off because, and this actually happened, my best friend almost missed her wedding BECAUSE OF MINECRAFT. These things alone made me go “oh heeeellll to the fuck no I’m not playing this”

But now its on 360, so my excuse of not playing it because it was a PC game was nulled. Then, since my brother bought it for me, I couldn’t say I can’t afford it anymore. He told me to hop on and he would teach me how to play.

It’s so simple. There is nothing in this game that would hook me. I kept telling myself that. Until 6 hours later, when I found out I had been playing for 6 STRAIGHT HOURS. WHAT THE FUCK?! WHERE DID MY TIME GO?!

I did this multiple times in a row. Being on bedrest, you really don’t do MUCH. I mean, I’m still writing stuff for the webseries (which premieres tomorrow, OMG) and working on Alternates (which, I promise, Part 3 will go up soon. I just keep rewriting it because I haven’t liked it) and physical therapy, which wears me out more than I care to admit. I played some Gears of War, some Arkham City, finished the second run of Borderlands. But I didn’t have a focus.

For some reason, Minecraft provided me with focus. It sets off my OCD in a way that would be constructed into my usual running around like a madwoman (or as Trin puts it, VIKINGSAMURAININJAWORKER) but because I physically cannot do that right now, it put my brain down and was like “Hey, calm the fuck down right now. Just because you can’t do it at this second doesn’t mean you can’t do it later. Stop trying to kill yourself and accept this.”

I have to remember that sometimes. I know that I had set myself up when I kept reminding myself that I had gone through this before. I forgot how long it took me to where I was before the second break, but I’ll be okay. I know recovery isn’t nearly as bad as it should be, but I hate not being able to do anything. By August I’ll be fine and being super ninja fighter at Star Wars Celebration and PAX Prime (possibly Gen Con as well, we’ll see) but this couple of months where I’m not allowed to do anything does sink in.

Are you on Minecraft 360? Or just on 360 and want a new friend? My GT is BakaNaki and I’m on a lot. I am not (sadly) playing Diablo III because I have a laptop that tried to explode from just thinking about it.

Now I’m worn out from the past few days. Physically being up and about is quite tiring after being in bed for 3 weeks. 🙂

Doctor Who Matt Smith Eleventh DoctorI’ve been getting some interesting feedback on Twitter about my lack of loving the season finale of Doctor Who. If you haven’t watched it yet, you might want to skip past this upcoming section.

~~Spoilers, Sweetie~~

I didn’t say I didn’t LIKE the finale. I did, I thought it was a good story. But there was soooo much build up this season, leading to the death of the Doctor. I’m aware that there would be a clear up situation, that obviously the Doctor can’t die. But it felt too neat…too tidy. I love the Silence. I think they were the first thing to shake me to the core since “Blink” and the Weeping Angels. How can you fight something you can’t remember? The eye drives were just…so easy to me.

I have an issue with romance in science fiction though too I’ve realized. Donna Nobel was my favorite companion. Why?Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith Alex Kingston River Song She had no interest in the Doctor. I love having Craig work with the Doctor. There’s no romantic wibbly wobbley. Rose? She was my second favorite…if there wasn’t that “romance” issue I probably would have said she is my favorite. I didn’t care for Martha because all she wanted was in the Doctors pants. I enjoy Amy and Rory, but it’s always about their relationship it seems. River…I love River Song. I think she has one of the most interesting stories. I don’t care for the the romance side of it. I just don’t. You can call me heartless, whatever, but the thing is I just don’t want the romance to mix in with my aliens and explosions. I had the same issue with Firefly, and BSG…it’s not just Doctor Who. I don’t like romance in science fiction.

Anyway. I’m not a fan of the Teselecta though either. That tracks back to my long standing issues with government, but mainly the prediction of crimes. I had this issue with Minority Report, and I haven’t watched Person of Interest yet but from the sounds of it I will there too. I overthink, I don’t hide that fact, but to predict a crime that hasn’t happened, before investigation and everything else, to just arrest or kill someone before the crime is committed just BOTHERS me. Now, with the Teselecta this refers to the episode “Lets Kill Hitler” when River first regenerates into…well River. But when it came to the season finale, it just felt like an easy way out. With the whole time stopping London crashing together into one giant wibbley wobbley timey wimey ball, you really could have done something like the split dimension Doctor…even though it was done with the Tenth Doctor, it really seemed more…I don’t know, interesting, to do.

The thing is, this finale didn’t leave me hanging on the edge of my seat going UGH WHY WON’T YOU START SOONER THAN NEXT FALL. I mean, I’m doing that regardless, but I’m not sitting wondering how the Doctor is alive. We know the Doctor is alive. I was pissed because my cable company cut out in the last 10 minutes of the show, but the thing is I didn’t need the last 5 minutes. It should have ended with the world exploding kiss…and leave us hanging for next season. But that’s just me.

~~Hello Sweetie~~

So, in non-Doctor Who related things, I’ve been doing a lot of work with, which means you should be reading my stuff there! There is a LOT of great writers and articles, and we all appreciate comments and feedback. I recently read and reviewed Antiquitas Lost: The Last of the Shamalans and interviewed author Dr. Robert Lewis Smith. There is a lot of comic book reviews with the DC52 out now, plus all the fall shows are starting. You can keep a look out for American Horror Story and Once Upon a Time recaps from me, and more book reviews as well! You can check out the site here, you can check out my writer information page here.

I’m currently debating writing an article on here about dealing with mental illness. With the two “Your Questions” articles I did I realized a lot of people had a lot of questions, so I think I might lump everything together and write one long article on it. As usual, since I’m pretty sporadic about writing on here, you can always follow me on Twitter at @1nerdycupcake. If you want to ask me personally about anything and you don’t want to Tweet or Comment, please feel free to email me at

Oh, and one last thing. I will be working at New York Comic Con, I will be in NYC from October 12-17. If you want to meet up, send me a tweet or an email!

{July 22, 2011}   Dexter: Season 6 Trailer

Hiya folks! So here is a proper nerd blog post for you all….until San Diego Comic Con is over and I quit cursing the fact that I am STILL not there…

First off, Mr. Edward James Olmos (who is now following me on Twitter and made me have the biggest nerdgasm ever) posted the trailer for Season 6 of Dexter! I’m sure many others have posted it but whatever, I’m going off of his post. For those of you unaware, I am madly in love with Dexter. I love the feeling of watching someone grow into a human from a shell of one. I love his family, and the fact he is growing to have one. I loved Rita. I wasn’t crazy about the Julia Stiles character and the kind of lost feeling of last season, but I think that was the point given Dexter was dealing with his major loss. So, with all of this said, here is the trailer for Season 6 of Dexter.

How AWESOME does this look? It looks like we’re getting back to the old fashioned Dexter killing that we had grown to known and love.  I love that Harrison is still in the picture, and it looks like Dexter is becoming a real father to him. I (obviously) love Edward James Olmos. I am so, so, SO ridiculously excited for this season after seeing this.

Okay, I’ve also gotten ridiculously hooked on playing Alice: Madness Returns. You all should know how little I play video games, and I think this is the furthest I’ve gotten in a game without losing interest since Epic Mickey (which was what..back in December?) I’m a little more than halfway through, and the only thing I have negative to say right now is WHAT THE FUCK WHY WOULD YOU PUT FUCKING INVISIBLE PLATFORMS FUCK YOU. Read this, and more in future blog posts!

Also, keep an eye out for posts from me on! I’ll be doing True Blood recaps, and possibly more in the future. Until I finish this game (San Diego Comic Con ends, whichever happens first)…go get your nerd on!

So here is Round 2 of “Your Questions!” I am still taking ideas on what I should call this. Anyway, next week the blog post will be the covers from the DC52 that have been released and some opinions. If you have any questions for “Your Questions!” please feel free to Tweet them at me at @1nerdycupcake or email me at

You’ve talked about how awkward you are, what is your most awkward moment?- Aurora

Heh. I just am awkward. I don’t know if I have a most awkward moment…I’ve been embarrassed quite a bit just from being recognized, and that’s always awkward to me (that isn’t to discourage people from not coming up to me and saying Hi and talking to me by any means, I’m just not always sure if you’re nice and not going to stab me in the face or mean and going to stab me in the face. I’m not a fan of being stabbed in the face.) Just this morning I had the awkward fun time on the train of being in a car full of gay men and then 2 priests came on board. Then to make the moment more awkward I was standing in between them and the song “Three” by Britney Spears came on. For those of you unaware, that song is about Three-somes. Awkward.

How do you take your tea? A simple tea bag or an elaborate brew with complex flavor? And the follow up of what is the nerdiest tea you have ever seen, read about, or tried?- Chris

The tea I’m dying to try is the Rainbow Sherbet Black Tea from I love love love Rainbow Sherbet.

As for how I take my tea it depends on the time of day. In the morning I get an iced tea from Argo Tea, usually something with Hibiscus or Pomegranate.  During the day I’ll drink green tea with honey, and before trying to make myself sleep at night I have “Sleepytime” tea with honey.

Nerdiest tea that you’ll catch me drinking I guess would be the Japanese Green Ginger from Argo. I’ll get random cravings for it. It’s got a little kick but its pretty airy…more complex than my usual stuff.

What made you realize you were a nerd? – Ahdji

I guess I’ve always known? I was obsessed as a kid with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Then came The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I was made fun of a LOT for that too. Comic books came in around middle school, and in my family we all knew Star Wars from birth. I was just bred to be a nerd from the beginning. I think the most it came out is when the Lord of the Rings series came out and I geekgasmed.  I had (have?) Lord of the Rings evverrryythhiiinnnggg (disappointed that I haven’t been able to go to the screenings that have been going on recently too.)  Nerd is a pretty broad term…and it just fits me pretty well.

Is it weird to be a girl nerd?- Matt

No…should it be? There are plenty of us out there, and more are rising to fame. See: Felicia Day, Olivia Munn…

What is your strangest encounter at a convention?- Ryan

Probably at the first con I ever went to, when I was 16, I went to Anime Central (which is an obviously Anime convention in the Chicago area) (also in realizing this I can’t believe this was 10 years ago) I found out what “Glomp” means. Just as a beginning to this story, at 25 (almost 26) I’m still made fun of for just how awkward I am socially, so at 16 this is much MUCH worse. Plus, my amount of socializing was just screaming obscenities at video games, DDR competitions and being that quiet girl at rock concerts who strangely enough keeps going into mosh pits.

Long story short, apparently I was targeted to be a part of massive glomp by three big guys that I didn’t know. Let me tell you, when three big guys that you don’t know “glomp” you, and you don’t know what that is…that counts as a pretty surreal and strange experience.

Also if you don’t know someone don’t glomp them. Really, it’s terrifying.

Who is your favorite author? – Kongit

Chuck Palahniuk. He’s most famous for Fight Club but if you go into his other books they are really just incredible to me. One of my all time favorite books (that I can just keep reading again and again) is Invisible Monsters. I love crazy twisted stories. I recommend him to everybody.

Other than him the obvious answer to Tolkien.

Do you have an issue with webcomics? – A few different readers

No, not at all. In fact I support them, and I read a few daily and even more weekly. I think this question came about because of what I said with the DC52 and not liking how they are charging for their digital comics the same price as their print. Look, I understand charging like 99 cents or whatever with DC. Hell I think some of the webcomic artists can get away with that too. But to charge 2.99 per issue is crazy to me, especially since people will pay for both. Us poor people can’t do that.

How are you REALLY OKAY with the DC52?? – Brian

I like retelling of stories! I also like that maybe I won’t have to play catch up for 9 million years, which is what it feels like I’m doing right now.

Okay, let me back track that.

I don’t ALWAYS like retelling of stories. Hollywood remakes, piss me off. For the most part, anyway.  Covers of songs I’m usually okay with just because I like seeing how else they can be done. It’s the same thing with the DC52…I’m curious what they are going to bring to the table.

Why do you only blog once a week? – Jim

I’m lazy. Plain and simple. I also can’t always think of a topic. I lucked out with this “Your Questions!” thing working out (please keep sending questions…) because it automatically gives me a topic every other week. Between writing for comedy, writing for here, writing because my brain is overflowing and that’s stuff that doesn’t pertain to the blog, I don’t always have good topic ideas or ones worth reading.

If its on here I really want it to be something worth reading (which is why it takes me so long to write them out as well.) “Your Questions!” is my way of letting you guys ask me what you want to know, what topics I can later on go into with more detail and more opinion. It’s a way of getting you more involved in what you want seen here.

Will you ever go more into video games? – Kayla

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t have the patience for video games, and they are really good at building my anxiety up. I do what I can but its mostly games I can just play leisurely, and not have to sit and play for hours and hours on end to get the story. This is probably where my obsession with Mario Brothers comes in…

That’s all folks! Again, please feel free to tweet or email me any questions, and there will be a new blog post up next week! Have a good weekend everybody!

First off, a big congratulatory shout out to Nerds of the Round Table, who have hit the top 100 comic bloggers by Technorati! Check it out here:

Chris has been awesome about putting up with my lack of postings on his site recently too, which my next post will be an anime one since I just finished D. Gray-Man and might as well review it for him. I’ll get that out eventually. You know, because I’m awesome. Also, he’s been my Twitter Pimp!

This weekend I will be at Anime Central (or ACen) in Chicago on Saturday. Look for the French Maid with (more than likely) Purple Hair. Its not based out of any anime, but its a pretty last minute trip and I don’t have the time to build a new costume by then. I’ll be there Saturday, probably around 1. If you want to meet up, shoot me a message or a comment and I’ll arrange something 🙂

As I mentioned previously, I did finally finish D. Gray-Man. I’ll have a full review of it on Nerds of the Round Table, but let me just say that this is an anime worth checking out, and its relatively short with only 103 episodes.

I finished reading The Postman. I started writing a review and then my work computer ate it. I also then went to Nebraska. Please read this as my list of excuses as to why I don’t have any posts up for the past couple of weeks.

I also finished reading Dead Reckoning, which is the latest in the True Blood book series. Season 4 starts soon, which I’m super excited about.

I am currently reading This I Believe, which is a collection of essays  of personal philosophies. I will be attempting to write my own version of the essays, which is proving to be harder than I thought it would be.  You can read them as well at

Television wise How I Met Your Mother had their season finale this week, tonight is The Big Bang Theory’s season finale. I’m not crazy about the direction TBBT is taking just because I personally can’t stand Leonard when he is in a relationship, but I’m curious to see how it goes tonight.

Okay, that is it for my quick update. Again, please feel free to contact me via here or email if you would like to meet up at ACen, and I will hopefully have a real post for you soon.

I’m trying to work on a blog post here guys, I haven’t forgotten about you. I don’t have much in the way of nerd burger stuff to talk about right now; I’m really slacking on my shows again, and my comic reading. Here is a brief update though…

  1. I finished How I Met Your Mother, and have started watching Castle. I’m 4 episodes in and really enjoying it, even if Netflix decided it didn’t want to like me and send me no disc 2 and then two copies of disc 2 and then a scratched beyond all belief copy of disc 1. Actually, I think I could only watch 3 of the episodes because of this; I had to send it back since episode 4 would not play (angry face). Did I miss anything by not seeing episode 4?
  2. I’ve started watching anime again. I’ve been wrangled in to help with cosplay costumes for a few friends for ACen, or Anime Central, which is a huge anime convention that happens in my area. I’ve watched through Season1 Part 1 of D.Gray-Man, a few episodes of Spice and Wolf, started watching Read or Die (which I need to get the full series for) and rewatching Gantz, which is one of my absolute favorites.
  3. I picked up the Showcase Green Lantern book 1. It is SO CHEESY. I think I’ve just been spoiled by reading the Rebirth series that Geoff Johns had created, that I’m just not used to the Hal that was so involved with Carole. Hilarity when it shouldn’t be.
  4. I’m reading more webcomics! For those of you unaware, I am a huge lover of Questionable Content, Something Positive, Girls with Slingshots, DAR!, Queen of Wands, Punch & Pie, Sam &Fuzzy and Octopus Pie.  I have recently started reading Hijinks Ensue, Bucko (which is Erika Moen’s new comic post DAR!), re-reading Shortpacked! (I had started reading it at my old job, but then things got all wonky so I haven’t kept up and trying to fix that now). What are webcomics you read?

I’m looking for book suggestions as well. I’m a poor person, so please realize I need to be able to find these books in second hand stores, or libraries for whenever I get a library card for the one closest to work.

A little shameless self plug here: The next three weekends I am running three 5ks for various causes. This first one is the Wrigley Run, which is for Voices for Illinois Children and Preventing Child Abuse in America. The second one is for Stride, which is a part of Campus Life, a local youth group that I volunteer for. The third one is for Y-Me, a breast cancer research society.  I’m going to be putting up websites soon to help sponsor these runs, because they are all very close to me. If you have any money that can be donated, I’m asking that you do.

I will also be participating in the Warrior Dash on June 18th and 19th. We haven’t chosen which day yet. That one isn’t for a charity, but I think if I can get a big enough group together we can be sponsored. If you are interested in running the Dash with us, please let me know.

{April 4, 2011}   I feel your jealousy.

So this past weekend I was invited to go to a secret screener with some of the C2E2 guys. These guys being the same ones I saw Sucker Punch and Paul with previously, but yeah I know I never got the review up about that.

>>Insert chorus of boos and you sucks here<<

So none of us knew what the screener was, we just had passes.

Who wants to know?

Do you?

Are you sure?

If you follow my Twitter feed you already know.

But it was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2!

Part of me really wants to put up the review of the film. But I don’t think that would be fair, considering those of us who were in the theater were the first to see it.

It wasn’t done, there was a lot of green screens, and little cue cards as to what is supposed to be going on.

So I’m leaving it up to you. Do I post a review? Or do you want to wait until the movie comes out? You’ve got a few months to go still. It is a book, and I could just tell you to go read it to prevent any spoilers (because really…it is a book first) But I want your opinion if you want a review up.

I was going to review Porcelain Black’s new song “This is what Rock n Roll looks like” but I really don’t have much to say about it. Its a great song, it’s catchy, you should check it out. I’ve been listening to her for about 5 years, although she was performing under the name Porcelain and the Tramps when she first debuted.

I am working on super project this week, so I will try and get as many posts up as I can.

{March 23, 2011}   C2E2 Pictures!

My guilt actually kicked in here, as I didn’t mention a lot of the awesome people I worked with at C2E2. I blame the fact I was banging my head against the keyboard as I was typing out the original post con report because words were not coming to me.

Anyway, here’s pictures!!

The HUUGE Banner you saw when walking into C2E2

Green Lantern!

Brian’s shoes. Can you see why I am uber jealous of them??

Brian and I at the Retailers Summit dinner! Free pizza WOOHOO!

Chris Hemsworth Q&A. I didn’t get to meet him. This made me very, very, very sad.

Laurie Holden from The Walking Dead. She was absolutely wonderful, and adorable. Sunday was Kid’s Day, and she kept stopping children to coo over them. It was ADORABLE.

Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead. Seriously one of the sweetest guys I met. And offered to get me a sandwich…which was a total “What the hell is going on here” moment for me.

Tahmoh Penikett from BSG and Dollhouse. Remember how I said earlier I had a “Who are you, why do I know you” moment with Aleks? He’s standing on the other side of Tahmoh here >_<

Sam Trammell from True Blood. He was really nice at this point (he was cranky Sunday…not that I blame him)

Sam Trammell, Kristin Bauer and Brit Morgan of True Blood. All of them very nice people, and nice enough to take a pic with me!

This is from the Chuck Q&A…since I haven’t started watching the show yet I really didn’t know what was going on here lol.

Remember how I said Sunday morning we started getting delirious? This was Khalil and I battling out the Swimsuit shirts.

Again with the delirium. We were all deciding who got to be WordGirl. Cole put on her head…

Then Kristin…

But Michelle won the role!

Peter and I! Anytime you see me talking to ChiTownSpidey on Twitter, thats this guy. We’ve been talking since the first manager meeting. He’s awesome!

No..No I don’t remember what was going on at this point.

This is Jonathan, or @TheOnlyJonathan on Twitter. He’s a fantastic artist and we’ve kept in contact through there. Real nice guy, so I hope you all bought stuff from him!

Randy, the creator of Something Positive. This is also the winner of “Worst Picture of Me”. He is super awesome, really really nice, and I got a picture of PeeJee this year! (I got Nancy last year)

Mark Sheppard of Firefly, BSG, Warehouse 13, Doctor Who…long list of awesome shows. This guy was a trip, he kept wandering away!

Remember Bravo, who I dubbed my bitch? This is him with Mark Sheppard. I think I was the only one with a camera thing on me at the time…but anyway, he’s shy but he wound up meeting everyone anyway. Good for you Bravo!

It was brought to my attention I never mentioned Matt in the Hat…I’m sorry!! This would be him, he’s a super awesome amazing fella who kept me company during part of the Masquerade. He couldn’t handle the host though and left for Console Freeplay…who could blame him? We didn’t get to work together much, but we hung out when we could!

This is Mike Holman, of Jackass fame. This guy was super nice, and I felt bad that no one knew who he was. We hung out a lot, along with the cast from Paranormal State: The New Class (who, I didn’t get a picture of for some reason. I’m awesome.)

Aleks Paunovic and Tahmoh Penikett. Best. Man Sandwich. Ever.

Eliza Dushku from Dollhouse, Buffy, Bring it On…there’s a lot to list. Yes, I met her and her boyfriend Rick Fox. They are both really really nice. Super intimidating.

Ok, thats all the pictures I have. Its 1:30 in the morning, so I’ll try to add more descriptions when I’m more awake later. Enjoy!

{March 21, 2011}   C2E2: The Post Con Report

Woo! Well, here we are folks, the Post-Con report of C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, the big con I’ve been talking about, tweeting about, and reposting everything about for months!

I was an area manager, which means I didn’t get to experience everything at the con, but I do want to write what it was like being a volunteer and what I did get to encounter while I was working. I’m going with Friday-Sunday, since Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much just prep-work and bag stuffing.

Also, I will post the pictures of everyone I met in a following blog post, since I am currently on a work computer and not at home I don’t have access to that stuff.

Friday was spent running like a fool most of the time, trying to find people that I didn’t know which is hard. Doubly hard was that one of the people who I was talking about no one seemed to know who she was, so I was forced to believe for over 4 hours there was elaborate prank being played on me.  During those 4 hours I was also directing traffic and trying to help out as much as possible. That was also my first look at the exhibit hall, which was huge! I was impressed. After I finally found Keithanddave (yes, that is what they will be forever lumped as since you can never find one without the other) and Nikki I was scheduled to work the IGN Theater, which meant Comedy Death Ray with Patton Oswalt! I played ticket looker…since we didn’t take the tickets away. My voice was giving out after what felt like the millionth “Thank you!” I did get to enjoy the show from the door, but I didn’t get to watch the opening acts. Patton Oswalt killed it though, he was amazing. After we got the room cleared I headed out and back to where I was staying for the weekend…working early in the morning then working at the con made me a little tired.

Saturday I got in to the con around 9:30-10ish and immediately went upstairs to do crowd control in the IGN Theater for the Chris Hemsworth THOR Q&A. For the most part everyone was very agreeable to the squish together and make new friends line. There were two types of VIP, which was the original VIP and then the Chris Hemsworth VIP, which got first access and a private signing with him. A lot of people who had the original VIP thought these were one in the same, which I had to explain no, the Hemsworth VIP paid a significant amount more and regular VIP had to wait in the general admission line. This did not make for a few happy campers, and press was not easy about it either.  After that Q&A I was told to sit backstage, since the doors kept locking. Score one for this girl, because I got to meet everyone who came backstage then, including Tahmoh Penikett[Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse], Eliza Dushku [Dollhouse, Buffy] (which, there is a funny story to this, that I will explain later) Aleks Paunovic [Battlestar Galactica] (another story), Jon Bernthal [The Walking Dead] (who is the SWEETEST guy I have ever met), Laurie Holden [The Walking Dead] and the some of the cast of True Blood (which I squeed a lot about). After that, a guy walked backstage on his own, and we were talking for a bit about the next panel, which was Vampire Diaries. I don’t watch the show so I didn’t know anything about it, but he told me it was pretty decent and to check it out. After that I was shooed away from backstage by CW and watched the panel. Apparently I was talking to Michael Trevino…and didn’t realize it. I’m really hoping I didn’t say anything insulting about the show! After they left I went backstage to let people in for the Chuck panel. Another show I don’t watch, but keep meaning to, and got to see everyone from it before getting shooed out again. Then it was time for set up for the Masquerade.

The Masquerade was really cute; there were some really cute acts. The biggest complaint and I mean this was HUGE complaint, was the host. He was, in fact, awful. He sang three songs…the first song wasn’t bad, but then it started to become really self indulgent on his side of things and it just, kept, going. People were walking out by the hordes. So then the acts started, which had a really cute act with kids doing Avatar: The Last Airbender and Pop-Lockin Mario which was amazing. After all the acts concluded the host came back on stage…and showed us a (very long feeling) 15 minute clip from New York Comic-Con. Almost everyone left at that point, we had only about 2 rows of people left.  I got pulled by con-goers who wanted to complain about it as well. It was pretty bad. The winners were all very well done and I congratulate all of them! Headed home after that, since Sunday my shift started at 7am and I needed to rest. I know, I’m pretty lame sometimes.

Can I just say it was late Saturday night I woke up? Because 4am still seems like Saturday to me. Anyway, had to pack and get ready and hit the train out. Surprisingly still wasn’t the first volunteer in….and I was early. Sunday morning started off with Volunteer Office shenanigans since we all started off a little delirious.  Khahil talked me into drinking a 5 Hour Energy…which was disgusting. I really don’t know why people like them. Sure it’s only a couple seconds of gross but it is BLECH gross.

A lot of this stuff needs picture evidence here too, so when I can access the pictures I can tell more about the delirium that happened Sunday Morning.

After that I was working in the Autograph hall with Bravo and Joe, which was fairly uneventful. In my slap happy state I decided Bravo was my bitch somehow. I was also somewhat cosplaying…again, pictures will explain it better…and had everyone in the hall sign my cape. This included those who I mentioned above, and then also Mark Shepphard [Firefly, Battlestar Galactica], Mike Holman [Jackass], the cast of Paranormal State: The New Class and Ghost Hunters. I also got to meet China Mieville, who I have to say is absolutely GORGEOUS, and he signed his book for me, but I forgot to have him sign my cape…curses.  Also some of the volunteers signed the cape which was awesome. Somewhere in my breaks I also met up with Jonathan (who I only really know as TheOnlyJonathan on Twitter, but is an extremely talented artist and we’ve kept in touch via Twitter) and Randal Millholland, from Something Positive. At about a quarter to five we all met in the back, and at 5 o’clock all the lights went out and cheers came from the exhibit floor. It was an amazing end to the con, and we all got to clear out the floor.

So here are the side stories.

Eliza Dushku:  So I was working backstage and Eliza came up to the door. I opened it, said hi, and then she walked in. She also had Rick Fox (her boyfriend) with her, and all of the security. I was about to ask for a picture when she was called out for the panel. Then she was rushed back out so I didn’t get to ask then either. Not to mention, to me she’s incredibly intimidating since I’m pretty positive she could kill me with her pinky. I know her boyfriend could. So then while I was working at the Autograph Hall on Sunday, I kept say how she was the only one I hadn’t met yet and Bravo (being he’s a dude and a nerd helps with this too) hadn’t met her yet either. But Bravo is shy. I had made good with her handler during the panel on Sunday, so I talked to him and he said I could meet her. So right before she took off for the airport I did get to meet her and get a picture, even after saying hi and briefly talking with her in the tent a good 2 or 3 times. Bravo did too, although he was even her security while she went shopping and he was still too shy to say hi. Boys! Haha.

The Aleks story isn’t nearly as fun, but essentially is I was playing the “Who the hell are you” game, I knew who he was, I couldn’t figure out why he was travelling with Tahmoh, and then after they left backstage it hit me like a ton of bricks. DUH. He’s in one of my favorite episodes of BSG (the boxing episode). Yeah, dorkin it like a champ.

So my clock is running out on work time and I think I’ve given you enough to read. Enjoy until I can get the pictures up!

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