One Nerdy Cupcake

{August 1, 2011}   Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…

Couple of things!

First off, I am writing on another blog site again! Along with whenever I post to Nerds of the Round Table (yeah yeah I know its been like forever) I’m writing a weekly post for! I’ll be writing the recaps each week for True Blood. The first two posts are already up, so you should totally go read and comment on that, like, right now. Go. Now. Then come back here.

Secondly, since I have been stretched thin writing wise lately, I have a new author added into the Nerdy Cupcake world. His name is Ryan, he’s still a nerdling so be nice. Seriously, he’s not really much of a nerd at all. He also doesn’t feel he’ll be writing much, but keep an eye out for his posts. You can follow him on Twitter as well at @echoingvoid

I’m currently playing Borderlands and it is eating my life. Also, I’m magically getting older tomorrow against my will, but if you want to make the sting less painful feel free to send chocolate and/or nice words. I’ll have a real post up soon, for now check out and look for my True Blood recaps!


Chris says:

heh heh heh… I like the term nerdling.

I felt it appropriate for him đŸ™‚

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