One Nerdy Cupcake

I’m trying to work on a blog post here guys, I haven’t forgotten about you. I don’t have much in the way of nerd burger stuff to talk about right now; I’m really slacking on my shows again, and my comic reading. Here is a brief update though…

  1. I finished How I Met Your Mother, and have started watching Castle. I’m 4 episodes in and really enjoying it, even if Netflix decided it didn’t want to like me and send me no disc 2 and then two copies of disc 2 and then a scratched beyond all belief copy of disc 1. Actually, I think I could only watch 3 of the episodes because of this; I had to send it back since episode 4 would not play (angry face). Did I miss anything by not seeing episode 4?
  2. I’ve started watching anime again. I’ve been wrangled in to help with cosplay costumes for a few friends for ACen, or Anime Central, which is a huge anime convention that happens in my area. I’ve watched through Season1 Part 1 of D.Gray-Man, a few episodes of Spice and Wolf, started watching Read or Die (which I need to get the full series for) and rewatching Gantz, which is one of my absolute favorites.
  3. I picked up the Showcase Green Lantern book 1. It is SO CHEESY. I think I’ve just been spoiled by reading the Rebirth series that Geoff Johns had created, that I’m just not used to the Hal that was so involved with Carole. Hilarity when it shouldn’t be.
  4. I’m reading more webcomics! For those of you unaware, I am a huge lover of Questionable Content, Something Positive, Girls with Slingshots, DAR!, Queen of Wands, Punch & Pie, Sam &Fuzzy and Octopus Pie.  I have recently started reading Hijinks Ensue, Bucko (which is Erika Moen’s new comic post DAR!), re-reading Shortpacked! (I had started reading it at my old job, but then things got all wonky so I haven’t kept up and trying to fix that now). What are webcomics you read?

I’m looking for book suggestions as well. I’m a poor person, so please realize I need to be able to find these books in second hand stores, or libraries for whenever I get a library card for the one closest to work.

A little shameless self plug here: The next three weekends I am running three 5ks for various causes. This first one is the Wrigley Run, which is for Voices for Illinois Children and Preventing Child Abuse in America. The second one is for Stride, which is a part of Campus Life, a local youth group that I volunteer for. The third one is for Y-Me, a breast cancer research society.  I’m going to be putting up websites soon to help sponsor these runs, because they are all very close to me. If you have any money that can be donated, I’m asking that you do.

I will also be participating in the Warrior Dash on June 18th and 19th. We haven’t chosen which day yet. That one isn’t for a charity, but I think if I can get a big enough group together we can be sponsored. If you are interested in running the Dash with us, please let me know.


{April 11, 2011}   Take A Stand.

As a general rule, I don’t speak about politics or religion unless asked about it. It’s a personal opinion of mine that these things just remain under the surface, I don’t shove my opinions down your throat, and you don’t shove yours down mine.

A bit of back story is needed here. I work for a public school system, and my mother works as an addictions counselor in a home for adolescent males who have the choice of prison or this home. Both are government funded areas. I may only work part time with them, but it is still affected in the wake of everything currently going on. Yesterday my office was informed we were cut 75K from our budget, which means 11 schools lose their funding. This morning I was awakened by my mother, who told me the home she works for will be shut down in June, because the government cut their funding.

I survive in life by a mix of unemployment and the part time work I have gotten from the public school system and a lot of luck that I have a family that can help me out. My sister will be graduating college in a month, and she doesn’t currently have a job. My older sister has a son, working through a divorce, another child on the way, and was laid off because she is pregnant and at a high risk. My brother just turned 18, and still can’t find a job. If you live in our area, there really isn’t any work at all. The only person now who has a full time job is my father, which given the state of his business as of late, how do we know that is going to last?

Growing up we are taught that the government is here to help, to help us with the big decisions, to help when things get bad. To provide us with protection from basically ourselves. So please, someone tell me, where is the superhero government we were promised as children?

Our government has decided to stop funding those in need, to better care for themselves and their own well being. If you are not born into riches, or with a prominent name, or with any sort of silver spoon, where will you be in life? It’s a joke to me when people say that they came from nothing. If you came from nothing you would understand what we suffer, those of us who really don’t have your luxuries and you would be fighting to protect us, instead of making our lives more difficult.

My problem doesn’t lie with the fact that I have to live off of the system and the small amount I make from my job. My problem doesn’t lie with the fact that my mom might now be unemployed. We can still get by. We’ve done it before. The problem that I have is now people who need help, the kids on the street, the drug addicts, the homeless…we’re leaving them behind. Why? Because some rich asshole up in office can’t go without a $50,000 suit? Because our presidents wife needs 7 personal assistants? I mean hell; I can look as closely as the public school system I work in now. There are people in office here that make over 100k a year, but will still use office spending money to buy themselves iPods and laptops. Our government is fueled by the simple fact that there is nothing but a bunch of ungrounded greedy people in office who want more and more for themselves because they feel they deserve it. I pay my taxes, and then some in taxes, because I live in Illinois. 8 percent of my paycheck goes to pay for these assholes. Not to mention when I have to go on the toll ways (that I don’t pay) where it’s a dollar for me to drive for a few miles on a street, and then pay another dollar to get to that next few miles. Then only to pay another dollar so that I can get off of that street. Does anyone else see the joke in this matter? Because millions of people are on those toll ways. Why are we so broke? Why are we without money?

This isn’t a matter of Republican versus Democrat. This isn’t a matter of the dick measuring contest that is Washington D.C. These are people that need our help. Help from the few of us who are lucky enough to already have the roof over our heads and able to put food in our bellies. Who can shower, and take care of ourselves. The government can’t stop those of us who want to help those who need it.

This part might sound heartless, but I’m not talking about the freeloaders that you see on the streets. Sorry, I have no heart for those people. Why? Because they scam you, constantly. There is one guy who is in front of the building I work in who says “please help me get a hot meal today”…I bought him a hamburger, and he threw it in the trash. That isn’t who I am meaning.

I’m meaning the people who actually do need it. The kids who are in gangs now? Are kids that need your help. The homeless shelters that are shutting down? Need your help. The people who need treatment for their drug addiction? They need your help. Kids in school? Deserve to be educated. Don’t take away their education so you can buy another Porsche.

When I first started writing this, our government was on the verge of shutting down. Its really sad isn’t it that it takes til the VERY LAST HOUR for anyone to do anything, to get over their own petty problems to figure out how to run this country.

I was watching the news in the background while I was getting ready this weekend, and actually heard one of the politicians (Sorry, I was doing things so I couldn’t find out who it was) say that he “only makes $200,000 a year” and how he couldn’t provide for his family on that.

I’m sorry, but is anyone else calling bullshit here? There are more families, with probably more children and health problems, who are surviving on $50,000 and less a year. Blow it out your ass.

This is just what I am talking about though. The misappropriating of funds, the wealthy get a break while the blue collar barely scrape by. You’re wealthy, you must have worked hard, right? Except that’s not how this country works, and the rest of us know that.

It needs to end. There is no reason why kids should be uneducated. Why people who made wrong choices in the past who want to fix that shouldn’t be able to. There is no reason why people cannot get help from government sources, because our governement doesn’t know how to do a budget.

I’m asking everyone to write their congressman, their neighboring states congressmen, anyone who will listen. Get on the side of your town or cities mayor…not that in my area it would do much of anything, we all know how Illinois politics are… because this country  needs to realize what they are doing to our children.

Children need their education. We don’t want another mess in office when we are too old to fight for ourselves.

{April 4, 2011}   I feel your jealousy.

So this past weekend I was invited to go to a secret screener with some of the C2E2 guys. These guys being the same ones I saw Sucker Punch and Paul with previously, but yeah I know I never got the review up about that.

>>Insert chorus of boos and you sucks here<<

So none of us knew what the screener was, we just had passes.

Who wants to know?

Do you?

Are you sure?

If you follow my Twitter feed you already know.

But it was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2!

Part of me really wants to put up the review of the film. But I don’t think that would be fair, considering those of us who were in the theater were the first to see it.

It wasn’t done, there was a lot of green screens, and little cue cards as to what is supposed to be going on.

So I’m leaving it up to you. Do I post a review? Or do you want to wait until the movie comes out? You’ve got a few months to go still. It is a book, and I could just tell you to go read it to prevent any spoilers (because really…it is a book first) But I want your opinion if you want a review up.

I was going to review Porcelain Black’s new song “This is what Rock n Roll looks like” but I really don’t have much to say about it. Its a great song, it’s catchy, you should check it out. I’ve been listening to her for about 5 years, although she was performing under the name Porcelain and the Tramps when she first debuted.

I am working on super project this week, so I will try and get as many posts up as I can.

et cetera