One Nerdy Cupcake

I could do a video blog but yeah…no thanks. My hair actually does this afro poof thing and it is disgustingly high right now. There is no taming it. Oh, and I have no voice. I sound like Patty and/or Selma.

I’m a terrible sick person. I refuse to move from the couch unless it is to go to bed or to bathroom. I’ve polished off a box of peppermint tea in 2 days. I’ve finished a case of water. I’ve eaten an entire bottle of vitamin C. I also whine a lot. I hate being sick. I’m doing all the good things body!! GET BETTER NOW!

In other news, I finally created a Twitter account and Email address for this blog! I was just using my personal Twitter (which is private so it was pretty useless) and my Bakery email…not so good. So new contact info!

Twitter: @1NerdyCupcake

All things blog related should go there. Also, please feel free to follow me! I only follow non-troll people as well. As we have learned from my last post, I hate trolls.

Also good things: I find out this week if I am an Area Manager from C2E2, the San Diego Comic-Con of Chicago. If I am I will be in charge of Webcomics. I strongly suggest you check out the guest list page of C2E2. Mark Sheppard of Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and various other awesome shows is going to be there! (Guess who is going to find out where he is staying and/or if he needs security!)

Okay, I’m off to go mope on my couch some more. Check my Tweets, as I not only talk nerd thing, Chris from Nerds of the Round Table (you can also find him on Twitter @RoundTableNerds) and I talk Football smack to each other as he is a Packers fan (booooo) and I am a Bears fan (yaaaaaaay) and this upcoming week Bears and Packers are head to head for the Division…winner goes to Superbowl!

I’ll have a new post soon. Everyone behave! (haha yeah right.)


{January 10, 2011}   DUDE!! NO WAY!! DUDE!!

I hate internet trolls.

No, seriously. Hate.

I know it looks like I don’t have a lot of comments or some shit on this site, but a lot of them get deleted (by me) cause all I get is a lot of negative shit. Mainly “no one cares, kill yourself” So on and so forth.

While I know that its not worth it to respond, I kind of lost my cool and responded to one on YouTube today. Its just fucking annoying and just once I felt like I needed to respond.

So I did. So far no response from him…but really. Its fucking pathetic to go and see who has the least views and blah blah blah. I don’t do this for popularity, I don’t do it for self publicity…I do this because I am bored, I like to write, and as I have said before I want to work on my public speaking skills. Which is why I started doing video blogs as well.

Yeah, that kind of killed my WANT to do Video Blogs but I’m not gonna let one asshole get me down. Its whatever right? Who the fuck cares about a troll?

So in other news, I had to take my poor old dog to the vet today. He has to wear a cone around his head for the next few months and he is SO SAD. SADDEST DOG EVER.

In good nerd news, it looks like I will be an Area Manager Volunteer at C2E2 this year! So I will be managing the Webcomic area of C2E2. I’m excited! I get to be an usher for the people I read every morning!

I tried watching The Cape last night. Due to my brother filming (he’s a film student…obviously..) I wasn’t able to give my full attention. But it wasn’t really holding my interest anyway. I’m hoping that I feel better about it tonight or tomorrow morning (I lose my current cable provider tomorrow and switch to a different one, so everything I have DVR’d will go away 😦  )

I saw Scott Pilgrim VS the World! YOU SHOULD SEE IT TOO!

Okay, quick update done. OKILOVEYOUBAI.

{January 3, 2011}   Happy New Year! (I still suck)

Time for some Unreasonable/Reasonable Resolutions!

Unreasonable: I will blog 10 times a week!
Reasonable: I will post at least once a week here, and once a week on Nerds of the Round Table. In all honesty, there is no reason as to why I shouldn’t post more than that while I am unemployed, but I just don’t know what to write about beside “OMFGWHEREAREALLTHEJOBSWTFAAHHHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHH” *dead*

Unreasonable:  I will drop 80 pounds by March!
Reasonable: I will eat better and work out more. I would really like to shave 5 minutes off my 5k time.

Unreasonable: I will get married!
Reasonable: I will work towards being ready to date again. More or less mentally challenge myself to a point of maybe one day having a successful relationship.

Unreasonable: I will do a show a week!
Reasonable: I will try to do a show a month. Seriously, for the December 27th show I was quite trashed because I have such bad stage fright. I don’t remember all that I said. I just know that I have a few people sort of stalking me now and I really really regret whatever I said in my drunken stupor.

Unreasonable: I will make a million dollars!
Reasonable: I’m going to get a fucking job!

Okay, enough of that. So true story, I’m getting cable in my room! I’m like a big girl! Actually I think my dad is just tired of sharing the TV with me. He’s not a huge fan of my shows outside of The Big Bang Theory. Which also means I can watch Conan the day it airs instead of the day after! YAY!

So remember how in my last video blog  I said I would finish Green Lantern and start B5 and finish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo…and I think I said I would post before the New Year?

Yeah none of that happened. BUT! I did see Black Swan! Woohoo I did something!

Apparently everyone also went and saw Tron without me. Which means I can either A) Go see it by myself or B) Wait til DVD. I haven’t decided which.

I’m supposed to see Black Swan again, so I will post a detailed in-depth review after I see it. For now, I’m going back to the job hunt. If you want to hire me I’m immediately available! 😀

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