One Nerdy Cupcake

{December 6, 2010}   Damnit Mickey!

So true story, outside of mass amounts of sending my resume places and trying to find a damn job..

I’m playing Epic Mickey.

So. Much. Mickey!

But I’m pretty positive the game was made to laugh at me. Just constantly laugh at my face. I suck at double jump. I suck at aiming. I suck at gaming in general.

I’m actually pretty amazed at how far I’ve come…from what I’ve read I’m a little more than halfway through. I really enjoy Oswalds character and the pretty creepy Mickeyjunk Mountain. I’m really, really enjoying this game, despite the fact that I have the hand-eye coordination of a 2 year old.

I know I said I would post more with the lack of job…but I don’t really know what to write. I’m just kinda weird goofy.

So I’ll try to find some fun things to post. I always enjoy ideas as well.


[EDIT]: I forgot to mention, I wrote my first post for Nerds of the Round Table. Check it out!


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