One Nerdy Cupcake

Evenin chaps!

No, I will not apologize for my goofy mood.

Anyway, this year I plan on hitting up as many cons as possible. Now, with my current job, plus the bakery and the bloggging, I’m finding it to be increasingly difficult for me to go to anything outside of my home Chicagoland area.

I’m pretty positive that I will be hitting up the main 3 cons of Chi-Town. C2E2…which I might be working at…jury is still out on that one. Anime Central (or ACEN, as it is also known as) and Wizard World…which I think is now just known as Comic-Con.

I’m going to try my hardest to get to San Diego Comic-Con. I’m worried about expenses of hotels and flight, and getting the time off. Plus, I love San Diego so I would want to stay down there longer than the con. Beach time mofos!

I also would like to try for New York Comic Con. I want to hit up the big ones.

Not to mention PAX and E3 and all of the other ones. Plus New England Webcomic Weekend (which I missed again this year)

In short, I really want to hit up as many Cons as possible this year. I would like to meet everyone who reads this (I think I’m up to 200 now. I don’t even know what to say to that.)

If I was to go any Con, which one is your favorite one? Hands down, no questions asked, it would be worth it for me to make my way out to it?


{November 17, 2010}   It has been decided…

That Nathan Fillion should just play every role in the Green Lantern movie.


First off, I have mad crush on Ryan Reynolds life half of the world.

Secondly, I usually dislike comic book movies.


{November 16, 2010}   Zynga: Our Love-Hate Relationship.

For those of you who do not use Facebook or have no idea what Zynga is, this might not make much sense.

It all started with Farmville. I literally started playing Farmville 2 days after the application debuted. I skyrocketed up the leveling charts. I was AWESOME!!!

Then they started saying I needed to add friends. Then the groups started. Quick adds, fast adds, ect. ect.

Then the expansions. Then the different crops, the animals…then the animals MOVED!!

But then I got angry. Because my farm was SO BIG that even when I had the whole thing expanded to full screen as far away as I could, my whole farm didn’t fit on my screen. Before that even started, my screen was so choppy that I could barely harvest.

It also took over my social life. “I GOTTA GET HOME AND HARVEST” actually came out of my mouth. Social gatherings with my family became long discussions of each others farms (and how my farm kicked everyones ass!) I ignored phone calls because I had to harvest. I started working on my farm at work (at the time, my job allowed me to do such things.)

I realized that this was all bad things.

So I stopped playing. Then the wall posts started.

Now people can post to your wall when they do stuff on your farm. So people would come to my farm and do stuff and post it to my wall. And then I would get little notifications that people are YAY TALKING TO ME OH SHIT ITS FUCKING FARMVILLE AGAIN.

So I finally broke down, and deleted my farm. And blocked everything Farmville from my page.


It was Farmville on CRACK! It had stuff to clear! Constant stuff to do! Little adventures for you to go on! But you still had to take care of your animals! And harvest! And build things!


I never got as addicted to Frontierville as I did to Farmville. The clearing shit suddenly took too long. Then everytime I tried to chop down a tree a bear appeared! or if I tried to harvest too much, a Groundhog appeared! or if I fed my animals, a Fox appeared! Or if I cleared too many rocks, a fucking SNAKE APPEARED.

And then you have to use up all of your energy killing those fucking things instead of clearing your farm so you can do MORE STUFF.

I gave up.

Kind of.

Because I will randomly hop on, get pissed off, and then leave again.

On and off

and on and off

and on and off

again and again and again.

Dear Zynga:
Stop taking over my life.

The thing is, these games can be fun. But they are so time consuming that you start to lose sense of time. I’ve accidentally spent hours on these games for no real good reason other than “AW CRAP I SPENT TWO HOURS ON HERE AGAIN WTFFFF”

Thanks for wasting my life Zynga. I’m sure the people who actually have to do this stuff for a living hate me a little for this. But its kind of sad when you walk past a field of sunflowers and say “That takes 5 hours to harvest.”

{November 16, 2010}   I suck at being a blogger. My bad.

So, here’s the thing. I work 12 hours a day in front of a computer dealing with customers and all around stupidity 6 days a week. Going on the computer when I get home isn’t the first thing on my mind.

I’m very very sorry that I still haven’t finished the end of the BSG update, that I haven’t gotten my funny ramblings up, and all of the other stuff. I fail at being a blogger because real life gets in the way.

So I’m very sorry.

I, in all honesty, might not ever finish the BSG post. Just because I finished it like a month ago and I really cannot for the life of me remember what the hell I was going to write.

Or I’ll rewatch the finale and try again.

Who knows.

But when it comes to the other posts I promise I will try to get my ramblings up in a more timely manner. I really do have fun stuff to write about! Like my hatred of Zynga, and the addiction to my cell phone, and my all around crazy brain.

Probably should continue on the single life thing, because some people seem to have gotten the wrong idea from it.

I could continue on the Big Bang Theory stuff too, and all of my other shows. I’m extremely far behind in Dexter right now. I think I’ve only watched the first 3 episodes. Because I suck like that.

So I’m going to try and get better about making posts. I promise!


[EDIT] I swear I will also fix my layout and fix links and all that stuff too. I’m getting to it!!

{November 3, 2010}   Battlestar Galactica…The End.

First, I want to apologize for not getting this up sooner. I kept editing this to oblivion and I still can’t find the right words for it but this will just have to do!

Secondly, some non-BSG stuff: I got past my writers block! I have a couple of topics to write about! Yay me I can be super blogger again! Okay, BSG stuff.

Wow, what a ride right?

I guess I should say this now, in case anyone has never read this, and I don’t want people finding my blog when they are first starting out on BSG and then be all like AWW DAMNIT…even though the shows been over for a while but hey I did it…but there will be spoilers here. I’m not holding back. I’m literally going to word vomit all over this blog about it. Because wow, what an ending. Well I guess I need to start from way back in Season 2.5 and go all the way to now because really I just kinda stopped blogging due to time constraints.

Basically what I’m going to do is write out my character analysis on the ones that really stood out to me, then go through the story itself. Hopefully be able to make it make some sense by the end of it all.

And no, I didn’t lie. I did cry at the end of it all. But we’ll save that juicy goodness until the end of the post.

Admiral William Adama: I got goosebumps just typing out his name. True and true until the end, The Admiral was everything that I thought he would be and the strongest character in this show. Edward James Olmos just absolutely captivated me, kept me interested, and I hung on his every word. While everything wasn’t handled with…grace…persay, he held his own, he held his ground and his beliefs. He stayed true to who he was, and didn’t budge. Honestly he is one of the most intricate, well written, amazingly acted characters I’ve seen. I enjoyed watching him and his reactions.

President Laura Roslin: I was incredibly skeptical of her at first. I didn’t like her much, the character itself I really just didn’t care for. But she did wind up growing on me, and her relationship with Admiral Adama is one that still makes me tear up. She turned out to be a powerful character in the end. When she gets angry she sends shivers up your spine. When she was dying…it was just heartbreaking. I actually did cry. I was surprised…I don’t generally get emotional towards TV Shows or movies, but I actually did cry when Madam President passed away. Even harder when Adama was talking to her up on on the hill where he was going to build her cabin.

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace: She is still one of my favorite characters. I was not thrilled with her ending. It was pretty much a cop-out. But her story was so intricate to the end all be all of the story that it was just amazing to me. I loved her relationship with Sam, and her relationship with Lee.

Lee “Apollo” Adama: Watching Lee grow up was really interesting and really captivating to watch. I really thought he was going to keep the chip on his shoulder about his father through the series. It can be argued he did, but I think he grew past it and respected his father at the end of it all. I thought him and Dee were a great couple, and if he could just keep his head in check when it came to Kara they probably would have made it. Also I’m sure Dee killing herself didn’t help at all. Which that wasn’t shocking to me that she did, it was shocking to me how it was portrayed.

Colonel Saul Tigh: I didn’t care much for the Colonel at first…Until the the landing on New Caprica I didn’t care much about him. From there his story just took off and was absolutely amazing to me. His story with Ellen (who I didn’t like at all while she was alive but I actually really liked her after she died and then came back…) just blew me away. I guess with all of the Final Five really. I really enjoyed the Final Five storyline.

Gaius Baltar: Started out being interesting…then got boring…then got interesting…then got annoying…and by the end I didn’t necessarily like him, but he didn’t annoy me as much. I just didn’t like his┬áreligious┬ápreachings all the time…it annoyed me for some reason.

Okay, I’m posting this as is so I can say I have something up. I’ll do another post later and add to this. Sorry about the horrible delay in this, I’m having issues trying to write the stuff up.

et cetera