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{October 27, 2010}   4 Things

1. I finished Battlestar Galactica. I cried like a baby. Expect a full write up tomorrow.

2. Apparently there is a movie called The Plan that is part of the BSG Mythos. Will be watching as soon as I get my hands on it.

3. Training for a 5k. Terrible at it.

4. Have had writers block. Will be writing again soon.


I am a 25 year old single female.

I could even put “single by choice” female here. I’m sure I could get a date. If I you know…tried to.

But to be honest, I don’t want to date. I don’t want to deal with the “is he into me or isn’t he into me?”  The stupid games. The faking. The “sex issue.”

When I say “sex issue” I mean that every guy I have gone on a date with seems to assume that because we went to a movie I’m going to sleep with him. One date does not equal sex. Sorry.

As a 25 year old female I tend to get the “Oh, are you seeing someone? You’re not? Well I know this guy…”


“You’re not seeing someone? Why not?”

Which is always a long explanation. A lot of the questions go to my ex, which its not his fault either.

Also, everyone seems to think that because I’m single, I’m just out having a lot of single girl sex. No, thats not the case either. And by single girl sex I mean going out to bars and picking up guys and having one night stands all over the place. Why is it if I’m single I’m a ho and if I’m taken I’m normal?

The truth is, why kid yourself? I don’t meet people outside of work or my current friends. Which leaves me to the world of internet dating.

Do you know what internet dating has brought me?

A one legged racist man.
A woman who said she was a man but thought I was a lesbian but I just didn’t know it yet. (I don’t care what your sexual preference is, but respect mine. I’m straight. No questions asked.)
Lots and lots of different ways of being propositioned for sex. The last one that made me throw up in my mouth a little was “I juz got outa jail nd i need sumthin pink to cuddle wif” (exactly with that spelling)
Lots and lots of asking me to do things that no old man should ever proposition to a young woman…especially when they want sex afterwords. (Such as, spongebaths, foot  massages, ect ect)


I also refuse to put my Facebook status as “Single”. Everyone seems to think its because I’m hung up on my ex. Guess again! I hate the fact that if I’m single on Facebook, I’m trolled for sex, there is offensive singles ads on my sidebar, and everyone and their uncle knows it. If you’re really that curious, you can ask me.

90 percent of my friends are married, or getting married, or in a serious relationship where the question can be popped at any time and it’ll be an “OH MY GOD YES” and tears and we all clap for joy because YAY you’re getting married and lets remind everyone of the last single girl standing.

Why is it that marriage is such an important part of todays society? Why is it that if you are not married by 30 you’re a social outcast to the rest of your friends, who are most likely all married (or in some form of marriage?) Its pretty much a fifty fifty chance that its going to last, and who cares anymore because there is always divorce right?

I am fairly traditional. I don’t believe in divorce unless its an abusive relationship. I don’t believe in cheating, I’ve never cheated (I’ve been cheated on in every relationship but my last, but I won’t ever do it.) I believe marriage is a sacred vow that is to be taken once and once only. I also believe sex should wait until you fully trust and know the person.  But, how many people believe in that these days?

These are reasons I gave up on dating. I’m sure there are guys out there that fit the bill, but I’m not looking for them. If I wind up not finding him and being alone, I’m not going to be the sad alone woman that everyone stereotypes us out to be. If I’m 35 and not married…why should anyone care but me? I can pretty much bet you I won’t.

I want women who are single and over the age of 25…be proud of it. Don’t let society take you down because you don’t bend to their rules. Screw them! Single life is a fun time, and I think we should embrace it rather than shun it! Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re a ho, or lonely, or pathetic. It means you’re independent and you know who you are and THAT is what matters. No one else defines you but you.

That, ladies and gentleman, is how it should be.

So, I’m a shapely girl. And by shapely I mean round. I’m not like, obese or anything but I’m not in the best of shape either.

I’m a terrible emotional eater. I eat when I’m bored, I eat when I’m stressed, I eat when I’m going through depressive states, when I’m happy, when I just feel like it…I love to eat.

This didn’t start catching up with me until the last 5 years or so. Of course, I can blame rehab and going crazy and a whole mix of medication on the fact that I gained weight but I mainly base it off of the fact that I just like to eat.

So this past year I decided I was going to try and do something about it. But then I would diet and then cheat on the diet and feel guilty about cheating on the diet which would then cause me to eat more and move less and just keep watching all of my silly TV shows that while they have all the pretty people on it all of them eat whatever they want and I know that it isn’t real but why can they eat whatever while I have to sit and mope over a pile of vegetables I’m not really that big oh I quit.

It was one big hate cycle in my head and I was getting majorly depressed.

Over the summer my super skinny stick figure of a sister (no exaggeration…my two sisters got the skinny Asian genes. My brother and I did not. We are awesome.) decided that I should stop moping and start running. So we started running every day. I would be winded after a block or so. She was such a happy squirmy puppy all “Come on Jessica you need to move comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!!!!!!!!!” and she was just so DAMN HAPPY TO RUN.

I, being round, was not happy to run. I was happy to eat ice cream and watch cartoons.

After my sister left to go back to college in Nebraska I quit running again. I blamed my shoes, which was partially true. My shoes were literally falling apart as I walked and/or ran. So for my birthday my parents bought me a pair of the fancy Reebok Easy Tones. I wore them to work. I still didn’t run. I would blame my female time or I just was too tired or I just didn’t have time but lets face it…I could have ran.

Introduction to my friend Furby…that’s not his real name, I dubbed him that our freshman year of high school…but thats a whole different story. Furby is a EMT/Paramedic/Firefighter/Superhero in training. Honestly, he wants to run into burning buildings for a living. I see a burning building and I think of marshmallows and the Stay Puft guy from Ghostbusters and then I start thinking about Slimer and how when I was a kid I thought we would be best friends, although looking back on it Slimer probably would have triggered my OCD pretty badly and I would just wind up in the shower a lot.

Anyway, part of being a Superhero in Training is you have to be in shape. So Furby and I decided to run together.

Because we kind of overdid it last week and then he had the brilliant idea to go on a 10 mile hike (I was working so I got out of that mess) his legs are messed up and I was forced to go running alone for the first time tonight.

I’ve come up with a way to trick myself though. I use my craziness to the best of my abilities!

I have a problem with being judged. And not just by people, but by animals and inanimate objects and I give things their own life force that shouldn’t have one. So I trick myself into running. Because if I’m not running I’m being lazy and that cat over there is staring at me judging me for being lazy.

So I run in well lit areas (since its usually dark out) where I know there will be lots of animals and/or people, like busy streets, that will judge me. Because in my head I’m thinking everyone in their cars is staring at me, when I really know they are just like “this song is fucking awesome!” or “Hm, I think I want a cheeseburger!” And that cat is probably just all like “I think I saw something move! I’m going to go chase it!” And that tree? That tree is a stuck up bitch man. Its probably just thinking “Wind. Woosh.” But I totally get its snarkiness. Its a snarky tree!

But I think they judge because I know I do it. I see people running and I’m all like “Oh man, I wish you weren’t running because now you’re making me feel guilty for driving my car…”

The point of this story is that for the first time tonight I ran on my own and I ran harder then I ever have before. Because I figured out how to use my crazy for good. Who knew that being crazy could actually benefit my health?

{October 19, 2010}   A little change in scenery…

So, here it is.

I’m in the middle of season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. It would be pointless for me to go back and do an episode by episode analysis, so what I’m going to do is finish the series, and then do one GIANT write up. Yes, all of this includes the webisodes as well, but truth be told the Razor webisodes I could not find anywhere so I just read the scripts and I know what happens.

So, you may ask, what are you doing with this blog?

Still nerdy things. I’m still reading the *New* Green Lantern Series, currently on Revenge of the Green Lantern. I’m still watching Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and Hawaii 5-0. I still have random essays to post and things I find humorous but we’ll see if anyone else does.

I’m not disappearing, but it got a little difficult to blog and work and watch the television at the same time. Yes, I know…how can you not do it, all you do is work from home?! Well, I don’t really. A good portion of my job can be done at home, but I still go into the office 6 days a week. Also I’m doing some charity baking this week for the local elementary school PTA (I’m not even a parent and I’m doing parent things, I must be pretty awesome.)

If you feel the need to get a hold of me and remind me I need to post more, please refer to my Skype, as it is on my phone. My Skype account name is smileimawesome. Yes, I welcome random web surfers to contact me. I am either a lonely lonely soul, or I actually like talking to people. If you troll me for sex though I will hunt you down and chop off your thumbs…unless you’re into that sort of thing. I would say something that requires a slim glass tube and your urethra, but I’m assuming if you like chopping off your thumbs you would like that too.

Also, list of shows I will be doing write ups on are as follows:

Stargate Series (there are 3 series and 2 movies I believe, I’ll probably do it series by series, each with one giant write up)
Star Trek (again, different series, different write ups)
The Big Bang Theory (you hear me talk about it so much I might as well write it out. It is one of my favorite shows)
Dexter (same thing as The Big Bang Theory)

What other TV series do I absolutely have to watch? Leave your opinions please!

I’ll probably obsess over sushi too…and pandas…and pickles…and talk about my current running ability…and all the other random things I’ll throw in there. Oh, and I’m taking donations. Always. Don’t even have to ask. Just send me money. I’m pretty broke for someone who works 72+ hours a week…not including the bakery, this blog (that doesn’t make me money but I’m going to make an effort into now). And yes I realize most of that is spent at home but you know what shush. Thats what I have to say.

Most of the posts will probably be like this too. I ramble and don’t make a lot of sense half of the time as well.

I’ll try to edit it to not make it sound so dumb.

Peace out homefries.

{October 14, 2010}   Yeah so

I’m in the 4th episode of 3 now.

I cried during Exodus pt2


{October 11, 2010}   My Dear Readers Volume 2

Yeah I finished 2.5

Prepare for a long update tomorrow.


{October 9, 2010}   My Dear Readers…

I suck at updating.

No seriously, while you patiently think that I am still in Season 2.0 of BSG, I am in fact in the middle of Season 2.5.

Why no update you ask?

Because I suck.

And I’m working at the same time.

And I can’t take notes.

My bad.

I’ll do a mass update soon I swear. Looooove you.

Hi there fellow nerdy cupcakes!

So I played catch up a lot tonight, getting through 5 episodes. I make it sound like a chore…I don’t mean to. I’m very much enjoying the series and now I get fun little factoids to share.

I didn’t blog through each episode because I am, in fact, working at the same time. Now I’m all set up that I’m working from home and I don’t have to be at strict attention to it the entire 12 hours I’m on shift now BUT there are moments where I can’t pay as much attention to it as I would like. If I feel I miss something important I can rewind, but generally I can pick up what happened.

So anyway, little mental notes I made for myself are as follows:

Starbuck is hands down one of my favorite characters next to Commander Adama. I will actually get into my whole thing with Commander in a second, but I think Starbuck is my favorite because if I was put in her situation, or if I wanted to be anyone, I would want to be like her. Strong, yet vulnerable, and all around amazing. Girlcrush.

One of my biggest things: HOLY FRAKING HELL….Lucy Lawless got HOT! I’m just wowed at it. And I get to see more of her! Thats super exciting!

Okay, my thing on Commander Adama. Actually, my friend who turned me on to the show and I were discussing Commander and Madam President. I’ll start with Adama first.

The Commander I think is one of the most powerful people. Possibly even on television as a whole. When he’s on the screen he commands your presence without even saying anything. He actually doesn’t even SAY that much, he just radiates it. You know when you see him that man deserves your respect. When he talks, you listen, and you take it to heart. And he loves his crew. You can tell, he would give anything for that crew. He is a huge stronghold in what is BSG, and one of the characters that I love to watch.

Now, my friend thinks the same of Madam President. I, on the other hand, do not. While she has definitly gotten more interesting in these past few episodes, she still doesn’t hold my attention. While I’m a huge fan of religious debate and morals and all of that fun stuff, she just isn’t interesting to me. He says its because I’m a girl and I don’t like other girls. I think its because I just don’t feel her command the presence that a President or leader should, like Adama.

Now, he says the same thing about Adama that I do so its not a complete fight. I just don’t agree on Madam President.

I was going to write more but in all honesty, working 12 hour days 6 days a week, owning a bakery on the side and throwing out my back…I’m exhausted. I don’t even remember who I was going to write about.

OH, Dexter’s Dad is Zarek’s right hand man, and Anders was in The Big Bang Theory which is an underlying reason as to why Leonard had a mancrush on him!

Okay, for real now I think thats all I had.

Goodnight all! Probably another update tomorrow, as I will probably be doing the same thing…sitting at a computer waiting for leads to pop up 🙂

Oh, and for those of you in Chicago on October 22nd Leonard Nimoy will be at the Star Trek Convention. I want to go but cannot afford it (unless someone wants to paaaaayyyyyy). I would love to meet him. Live long and Prosper!

{October 7, 2010}   Just an FYI update

#1- Netflix is now streaming BSG. I am watching but not blogging at the same time.

#2- Why am I not blogging at the same time? I’m working at the same time. YAY MULTITASKING!

#3- All work and no play makes me go something something

#4- Yes I watched the second episode of Dexter but I don’t have much to say about it.

#5- Leonard Nimoy is in Chicago on Oct 22nd. I wish I could go, but alas I cannot afford the 90 dollar ticket plus all the fees to meet him. This makes me sad.

#6- Bulk update when I’m done watching the episodes I plan I watching tonight. I am breaking to watch the new Big Bang Theory at 7, but mostly my night will consist of BSG.

{October 4, 2010}   New Job…

Hey Guyzos,

The new job is really taking its toll on me right now…I’ve worked 12 hour shifts the past 8 days and haven’t really been paying much attention to the TV playing behind me. BUT on the plus side now I’ve been set up to work from home. Hopefully with this setup I’ll be able to catch up on my much missed TV.

My poor TV weeps to be used for other than background noise.

Although, things that I have been using for background noise is History Channel Instant Streams for The Universe. Its interesting stuff, very informative. Its good background noise…now I’ve got some NatGeo stuff. I feel smarter already!

So, I’m going to try and fix up this schedule. I also need to fix up the schedule so I can work out more…my girlish nerd girl figure needs some tightening!

Until next time folks!

et cetera