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{September 27, 2010}   Dexter S5E1: My Bad

Spoilers in this episode. You’ve been warned.

I don’t even know where to start with Dexter.

Dexter has been one of my favorite shows since I started watching it second season. Michael C. Hall has made Dexter into this completely real person that you relate to..and then you start to worry because you are relating to a SERIAL KILLER.

But that what he has done. And it is completely amazing to me.

Rita was one of those characters that you were always just…connected to. She was there from the beginning, and…your heart just went out to her automatically. You loved her from the beginning.

When the end of last season occurred I was a MESS. I cried and cried and cried. I was a wreck.

I knew going into this episode that I would be a wreck here too. I didn’t think it would play on my heartstrings quite like this.

Dexters first date, the first lie, the first late night phone call…to him admitting to her that he is a serial killer too late.

I don’t even know what to say. This episode just made me cry, and cry some more, and then some more. Because I really felt for Dexter. I felt for Astor and Cody. I felt for Deb.

OMG Deb…having to do everything because Dexter checked out. She did well..minus the emotional sex with Quinn. Probably not the best idea.

I’m at a loss. This episode left me speechless.


{September 26, 2010}   Battlestar Galactica: S2E3 Fragged

So, WOW…Hello new readers! All 170 of you!  I’m really not sure where the surge of readers came from, but I’m not going to complain!

So in re-reading my older entries, I realize they don’t make much sense without watching it along with me, and considering these episodes aired about 5 years ago I’m betting not many of you do.

What do you think can be done to clarify this? I could give minute times, or cut out the play by play commentary altogether, but that seems to be what I base my conclusion of the episode off of.

Until I can figure out a better way, it will more than likely continue in this format until I can actually hatch out a decent version. To all of you 170 new readers…still, in shock and awe by the way…welcome! Please comment, and send me messages, and all of that other fun stuff….

I’m still reeling. 170 doesn’t sound like a lot in regards to the internet considering there are pages that get billions of hits each day…but I don’t think I even KNOW 170 people. So its really awesome to me.

It should be noted that I start my new job tomorrow, and then I have a couple of orders to fill for my bakery, so I’m going to guess that I might not have time to watch the next episode until Tuesday (depending on if I do more than one tonight)…even then, the only reason I’m just not sure how things will go is because I’m still not sure how this new job will go. Its something I’ve never done before and that always makes me very nervous. I’m excited as well, but really, really nervous too. Wish me luck!

So now we’re getting into Episode 3, after last episode I felt the story hadn’t moved forward, we just kind of stayed stagnant.

It’s 6:30 on a Sunday this time around so I don’t have to keep the noise level down. I will probably keep the subtitles up though…for those of you who are unaware, I am somewhat hard of hearing and it does get annoying to have to keep backtracking to figure out what they said.

On with the show!!

Aw, sad day. Funeral is sad…and Whore Cylon just had to show up.

Cylons are dismantaling the ship…to build a missile battery. Which they are apperantly going to wipe out the whole valley.

Um, so Billy seems to think Madam President is more important over Commander when it comes to the Doctor. What do you think? Personally, leaving the ship to the Colonel is a bad idea, and I would rather see Commander brought back to life.

Yeah Colonel…drink right now. That will be a good idea.

LMAO….”Why aren’t you in the brig?” “Um..because no one put me in there?”

Colonel seems to be forgetting a lot as of right now.

Madam President has some pretty serious addiction issues now.

Whore Cylon just made my point of not being human….”We are your children. You taught us well”…further proving that we created them. They are still a program that we created.

Whore Cylon wants Baltar to Man Up. Good. He is pretty wuss like.

Cylons are building Anti-Aircraft thingiemabobbbers. They have a pretty good idea as to how the humans are going respond to a downed Raptor.

Oh fun Zarek is back. I like him a lot, despite his anarchists way.

Madam President is getting more and more addiction sick….I probably know more than most when it comes to that…my mother is an addictions councilor, so I get to learn all about it!

Crash….dumb to think they could take on the amount Cylons. I’m on the side of the Chief for this one.

Baltar makes sense? Whodathunkit!

Crash’s plan pretty much sucks.

In her addiction babble, Madam President is going on about the Scriptures, and her Marine Guard knows what she’s talking about. Billy looks like that he’ll be able to get that stuff.

Oh good, God Complex for Baltar again.

Oh fun, Colonel is drunk….no shock.

YAY! Billy got the meds for Madam President. Hopefully the Quorum gets to see her as normal as she can get.

Wow. Crash has frakking lost it.

Well, turns out Baltar can fire a gun….and the Cylons heard it. Whore Cylon approves.


Oh shit…is the Chief gonna die? Cause I really like him and I don’t want him to….

Oh Yay!  Apollo to the rescue!!

Aw, Baltars crying.

Zarek is really going to use the fact she’s dying to his advantage.

Colonel still thinks she’s nuts.

Baltar lies to protect Crash’s name. Chief goes along with it. I understand that. I don’t know if Cally is going to want to though.

Whore Cylon is proud of Baltar. Yay for him being human. Whore Cylon is his conscious, and thats just…weird.

Yay Commander will live! I think that was kind of a given though. At least the Colonel is admitting his mistakes.

Colonel dissolved the Quarom? And declared martial law? Can he do that?! I don’t know if he has that authority. My guess is the Commander will decide to put things back in order when he wakes up. Especially since the Colonel was intoxicated for a good part of it.

So, I like this episode a lot more than the last one. We moved forward! We continued on with the story, or at least thats how I feel about it. I really enjoy the evolution of Baltar, even if he is a tool. I’m not liking the Colonel running the ship but I’m sure thats how I’m supposed to feel about it. I feel bad for Madam President for the predicament she’s in. And I really hope the Commander wakes up soon.

I know I’m going through this season slower than the previous one, but its a lot of outside issues (excuses excuses I know) but I swear as soon as I get a schedule down pat I will get better with this.

Until next time folks!

This blog post is also called Star Trek: Or how I’m slowly becoming a Trekkie.

So yesterday was my last day at my job that was not so good for me or my mental health, and I took a 3 day weekend to ready myself for my new job, which starts on Monday.

Today I was going to spend the day in bed, watching BSG and blogging to you, the regular 5 readers I have and to you, the other 35 that have stumbled on this blog (at least according to the dashboard anyway).

But alas, being an adult got in the way and I wound up having to get out of bed and having to do all of those lame adult things, like going grocery shopping and paying bills. Also baking 2 pies, which isn’t very adult like unless you’re me…I was really just playing around with a French Silk recipe and one of my friends asked for a Peanut Butter Pecan pie (which doesn’t actually exist in normal baking world) so I spent a good amount of time playing mad scientist with pie fillings.

Believe me, this does have a point.

So, as I have said before I am an advocate of Netflix, which I have my Wii set up in my living room with the Instant Stream going. I used Mad Scientist time to sing along with Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, but as I was sitting around waiting to see if my pies were going to come to life and eat me (obviously did not, but I think the French Silk may have meowed at me. Although my dog does meow. It could have been him), I decided to turn on the new Star Trek movie.

Yes, I have already seen it, but I like it. Anywho.

So I get about 30 minutes into it and my brother came home. He has never seen it so I start it over, so he can watch from the beginning. Then my dad came home about an hour into it, and then we all decided to go out for sushi before the movie was over. Got home from sushi, and my dad asked me to start it over.

So inadvertantly, I watched this movie 3 times today. Good thing I like it right? (Yeah, and Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto are super yummy to look at…)

After BSG I will probably be watching Stargate, just because that entire series is on Instant Stream…but I think I might be more interested in watching the Star Trek series. Only the movies of that is on instant stream though…oh, something that is dumb? The Stargate movies aren’t on instant stream, which you have to watch the first movie before the first series. I don’t know, I would think you would make that available to all of us Sci Fi Noobs out there.

Did everyone watch The Big Bang Theory? DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND WATCH IT PEOPLE.

So, onto our regularly scheduled programming with the next episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Quiiiick note here: I’m actually watching this much later than usual which means my parents are in the next room trying to sleep. We have very thin walls in our house so I have to keep the sound almost at off with the subtitles on, so if I’m focusing more on the dialog, thats why.

Awkward moment time!! Gotta start the episode off right!

Dee has the best eyes. Seriously.

Commander is alive in 3…2….

Oh shiznet, power shut down. Nevermind

Generally if a Cylon ship crashlanded don’t you think they would have noticed?

Well, at least they know they’ve been boarded.


I really like the theme song to this show. Just saying.

RIP Flyboy

I love the fact Cylons are called Toasters.

Madam President/Apollo lovefest? Would be awesome. I’m sure the fanfic is out there

I want to see Baltars Baby. Also….his daydreams are starting to get masochistic.

Starbucks paintings are pretty awesome

Even during the BSG ages, Ramen is there to serve us all.

“Everyone I know is fighting to get back what they had. I’m fighting because I don’t know how to do anything else”

Um…hey…Madam President….don’t have much time to say a prayer for each downed solider.

Oh…poor Dee.

Lots of death in this episode..mercy killing has to be the worst on a person

I enjoy the fact they actually have an abbreviation for Right Frakin Now when talking over the intercoms.

Damnit Billy….

Nice Shot Apollo!

It seems right for Starbuck to have a Hummer.

The Colonel vs Apollo is just awesome to me.

So I really don’t have much to say about this episode. It was good, it dealt a lot with the Cylons, but there wasn’t much movement in the actual story itself. Billy and Dee are together, Helo and Starbuck have lost Caprica Boomer, Baltar is having masochistic nightmares ontop of his delusions of Whore Cylon….but nothing really moved ON.

So, next episode tomorrow soon!

Well, there isn’t much to say.

I’m going through a lot right now. The past two months have been…well, hellish to say the least. Things are finally starting to turn around though…my bakery has more than 2 customers now…and I’m starting to get regulars. I’m starting a new job on Monday and I’m getting better about not secluding myself to my bedroom and being terrified of the outside world.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. I absolutely am loving BSG. I just haven’t been wanting to watch drama these days. I’ve got enough of it going in real life so I haven’t been wanting to escape to it either.

But since things are starting to turn around this will hopefully change.

In its absence, I watched the first season of How I Met Your Mother…which I’m very much enjoying. Neil Patrick Harris’ character Barney, absolutely fantastic. I have decided I’m going to play a version of “Have you met Ted?” at bars with my friends.

I also have started reading the latest storyline of The Green Lantern. I just finished Rebirth and waiting for my hookup to pass on the next few books.

I also watched the series premiere of Hawaii 5-0 tonight, which through every scene Grace Park was in I kept telling my Dad not to trust her, she’s a Cylon. He gives me weird looks.

I’ve also started watching the History Channels documentaries on The Universe. They are quite interesting and very informative. I highly recommend it. Its on Instant Stream on Netflix. I’m a big advocate of Netflix, by the way.

The Big Bang Theory starts this week, as does Raising Hope, The Event, How I Met Your Mother, Mike and Molly…

I think I watch too much TV.

But I want you all to know that I will be picking back up my BSG watching. I have a few orders I need to worry about but I should be able to in between working and the bakery. So updates when they come!

Would anyone be interested in the other TV shows I watch for reviews on that? I can do those too….

Please comment guys…I know you’re reading because I see the dashboard. But I want to know what you think!!


{September 12, 2010}   Battlestar Galactica: S2E1 Scattered

So here we are, I finally got a few hours that I’m not doing something or another that I can dedicate to you, BSG fans, as I will start up season 2.

I could put in some excuse here, but in all honesty I’ve just been busy. I really haven’t been home much this week and its been really nice out so I really haven’t wanted to be either. Its one of those moments where its a good thing I’m not getting paid for this (although if you would LIKE to start paying me for it, please feel free to contact me! I like making money!)

Now, with all that being said, I am starting a new full time job starting September 27th. My hours will no longer be as nice as they are now but I will be getting paid more. I like to think of making more money less stressful. So my tv time might be knocked down again until I manage the new schedule and whatnot.

All that cleared up? Good! Lets bring on the craziness that last season left us with!

Focus on the Colonel…makes sense….who else is going run things?

Commander with mustache is absolutely hilarious to me.

Boomer doesn’t remember…

Colonel has froze under pressure? How can one be a Colonel and freeze under pressure?

Oh I forgot Madam President is behind bars.

Colonel lost the fleet…thats usually not a good thing to do. Just saying.

While the intro goes on….Katee Sackhoff is going to be back on Big Bang Theory this season!

We’re back to the Cylon pregnancy thing…I’ve got some to say on this because I realize that they are supposed to be like Human but yeah…we’ll go back to it. It will take me longer to write about then I have time for right here.

Whore Cylon is mother of Baltars baby. Doesn’t anyone use condoms in space?

Chief doesn’t know about Boomer yet…he’s on the crash site, forgot about this.

Chickie who plays Helix….who is this? I’ve seen her before.

Ugh. Colonel Wife…she fills me with hate. Data either didn’t send out the correct coordinates, or Galacticas were outdated. Even so, Colonel should have checked.

Starbuck is still with Helo and Caprica-Boomer…

“I did it for nothing”
“Thats not true. You took a stand”
“Now look at us.”

Baltar’s hallucination-like things still confuse me.

Starbuck’s reaction to Caprica-Boomer is pretty much the same that I would have. Actually, its spot on to how I would react.

“Bitch took my ride”- awesome.

Apparently Commander and Colonel had some sort of issue when they were younger with the fleet.

A medic doing surgery? Nothing can go wrong there!

Ship-Boomer still has no recollection of anything.

Colonel still doesn’t realize this I think…

I would have shot her personally, but that might be acting on emotion. I think he’s thinking in the long run he can get info out of her but somehow I don’t think that will happen. She doesn’t remember things and she’s still considered a sleeper Cylon. At least thats what I think

Sorry, got distracted by the ambush on the Chief and Callie….sad to lose another character….whose name I unfortunatly can’t remember. Who was the attackers? He took on a lot of hits. Was that Racetrack?

Okay, since episode 1, Data has always come off as weird to me. I don’t know if its weird feeling of thinking he’s a Cylon or what but he always just has this thing where I’m not sure what to think of him. Like he’s up to something.

Commander is super against networking, Data wants to do it. See what I mean by thinking he’s up to something?

Just….out of curiosity wouldn’t it e easier to jump to the other coordinates? How many coordinates behind could they be? Shouldn’t there be record of it?

Holy Frak thats a lot of Cylons….

Cylon hackers….not shocking…they are more advanced then the humans….

Hooray Hot Dog!

Marine praying with Madam President is pretty cool.

Medic operating on Commander still seems like a bad idea to me.

Doesn’t look like any casualties on Human front……still no fleet? Oh nevermind, fleet! Hooray fleet is found!

Colonel was reinstated because of Commanders pull…but what did he do?

EEK! Cylon robots aboard the ship!


So, first off I want to talk about the whole Cylon pregnancy thing because otherwise I’ll forget.

I have a hard time believing Cylons get pregnant and have babies the same way we do. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE FRAKING CYLONS. They are NOT human. In fact, when they are referred to as human, they get offended! They are a man-made creation that evolved. There is even Cylons who are still in the primitive form, as you see in this episode because now they are on board the ship, and I highly doubt anyone on the ship is going to go “Oh look, primitive Cylon, lets have some freaky robot sex!” and get one of them pregnant.

Now I get that the evolved updated Cylons have human bodies and organs for reasons that I could never understand other than to infiltrate the human race, but why give them the ability to copulate and reproduce with the enemy? What would be the point? Why give Sharon feelings and emotions that she will later have to deal with (like attempting suicide before her mission is complete..) once she figures out she’s a sleeper Cylon?

I really find it hard to believe that however the Cylons evolved, they decided to give the women eggs to breed half Cylon children with. Also, they are still computers. It might just be in their brains, they might not have super skeletons (although they might) they have organs (that will kill them at times) but they still aren’t human. They are still a computer.  So yes, I find the whole pregnancy hard to believe. Cylons have made it very clear that they want to wipe out the human race. They nothing to do with the humans anymore. Hense why the humans are running, and constantly battling them, and so on and so forth. They are a man-made invention that evolved. Now they are stronger and better than us and we are fighting for our lives. That is the basis on what BSG was started on. Why would they breed with the enemy?

So, back to the episode.

I really wish there was more history given. I think we’re going to find out more throughout the season, but apparently Commander and Colonel have shaky pasts with the fleet and I would really like to know what happened there.

The little bit of Starbuck, Helo and Caprica-Boomer is not enough for me. I really like those 3 characters and I wanted to see more of that.

The Colonel at the end of the episode says he wishes the Commander didn’t bring him back in, that he didn’t want to command the ship. Was it because of their friendship Commander brought him back, or was it because he believed he was meant to be a Colonel and bring on greater things?

Data still makes me wonder about things. I don’t know what it is about him but my gut feeling says to not trust him.

I’m sorry I can’t remember the names of the crash landed people on Kobol other than Chief, Callie and Baltar. Is that Helix and Crash? Who was the one that died? The one that is severely wounded?

Baltar and his hallucination things are really off the wall, and I still don’t know what to make of them.

I’m gong to try and watch the next episode tonight, but I make no promises. Til next time!

{September 5, 2010}   Delay…again…I suck…Sorry

Yeah so instead of doing the right thing and watching Season 2 of BSG, I decided to let myself get talked into a vacation out on the river.


But now I’m behind on BSG, also other nerd stuff, and I will be taking Labor Day to go to the beach and soak up the final summer rays.

I’m getting to it! I SWEAR IT!

{September 1, 2010}   Green Lantern Update!

I got a hold of Green Lantern: Rebirth today, unfortunately Secret Origins was not available, hopefully that will be on my conquest list tomorrow.


et cetera