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{August 31, 2010}   Rescue Me Season Finale

Sorry folks, no review tonight from season 2 of BSG, I was wrapped up in the season finale of Rescue Me (Love it, another great cliffhanger) and I will not be home much tomorrow. I will try to get in some reviews soon!


Alright, so I got to the end of season 1 faster than I thought…whoops. I thought there might have been more than one episode on this disc but, oh well its all gravy right?

So this will probably leave me with the cliffhanger I was expecting last episode right? So I think I’m just going to dive right into this episode and not really bother with much of an introduction. This will be like last episode, with note taking and then a conclusion. Hopefully a bit more detailed of one since I’m not quite sure when I’ll get season 2 from my friend/source, and I’ll have to figure out what to review in between. OH, and total sidenote that has nothing to do with this, I will be starting the Green Lantern series soon!

Lets start this thing!

I think I might have forgotten to mention on how Starbuck felt such betrayal by the Commander. I’ll get into it later…but good note to remember.

So Baltar, Chief, Crash and Callie are on Kobol. Whore Cylon kind of saves Baltar’s life. BTW, side note, according to Entertainment Weekly, Whore Cylon would be beaten out in sexiness by Summer Glau. I have to agree with this. Although Edward Cullen beat out almost everyone, which is a hock of shit.

Baltar is on the ground! I don’t think he’s dying anytime soon but I also don’t think he’ll be able to tell between his crazy sex hallucinations with Whore Cylon and real life. Again, Starbuck walking in on his “sexy time” with Whore Cylon? Awesome.

Helo doesn’t believe in Earth…well it doesn’t surprise me. Boomer is also still awesome even though she is a Cylon. But thinks she’s human.

Commander knows Madam President changed Starbucks mind on going to Caprica.

Do you agree with Madam President? Should Starbuck be going to Caprica? Or should Starbuck have stayed?

Do you agree with the Commander? Is the President dangerous?

I honestly would go with the Commander on this one…I think going off of a Prophecy during wartimes is a bad idea.

Also, while I get that the Commander doesn’t know about Boomer….I really want to wave flags in his face and go NO SIR NO SIR NO SIR DON’T DO IT

Starbuck has arrived in Caprica area….and found Caprica land! With lots of Cylon Radars flying around

Again…why does the Cylons believe in God? They are man made.

BOOMER IS PREGNANT?!?! How can a Cylon be pregnant?!?!

Starbuck has landed….so far as not discovered Helo or Cylons. I would really like her to take Helo home…

Ew, shots.

Radar thingie works, Ship Boomer is safe. Which we found that out from Starbuck before.

Crash is not so good with dealing with stress…Chief will probably take charge

I love the word Frack by the way.

Ship Boomer is kind of crazy for a Cylon who doesn’t know she’s a Cylon kind of.

BALTAR! YOU ARE NEO! YOU ARE THE ONEEEE!!! Sorry, Whore Cylon made me do it with that conversation with Baltar. But apparently Whore Cylon needs to be saved (not really) with use of a crazy doctor who sees Whore Cylon wherever he goes.

Commanders people are about to get the President

Starbuck found the Arrow

Whore Cylon is leading Baltar away…

Starbuck has the Arrow…with Whore Cylon behind her to knock her out. Damn Whore Cylon is fast.

Inside of the Base Cylon ship is pretty trippy cool

…and kind of gross since it looks like the inside of a human….why is the inside of a ship gooey and stretchy?

Whore Cylon is creepy to Starbuck. And super fast still. Doesn’t Starbuck still have a gimp leg? I’m sure guys find this fight scene hot by the way.

Apollo, Colonel and Marines vs President and Secret Service!

Ship Boomer must feel some sort of recognition in this place….Ooor she sees all of her copies. That would be creepy.

Whore Cylon is beating the crap out of Starbuck. This does not make me happy.

Okay, Starbuck tackling Whore Cylon = Awesome. Helo seeing it, even more awesome.

Apollo vs Colonel? Apollo wins! (at least in my head…I really hope he does)

Aw boo. now Apollo is arrested too? Everyone is arrested. Lame.


Hooray they blew up the base ship!

President is in the Brig…no special treatment for her.

Helo and Starbuck reunion!!!!!! Now do we find out about Boomer on the ship?

Starbucks confusion to Boomers pregnancy is about the same as mine. Er, without the emotional aftershock.

Whore Cylon has lead Baltar to the Ruins of Kobol is my guess, but he’s hallucinating again so he doesn’t see ruins he sees a fancy ballroom….he needs some meds for that schizophrenia he’s working here.

Baltar is the guardian and protector of God’s new children? Is this Boomers baby? Or did Whore Cylon get knocked up with all the sex she’s been having too?

President is locked up, Apollo is in handcuffs, Boomer and Racetrack…..

Oh shiznet Boomer went Cylon….NO COMMANDER!!!!!!!!!


Starbuck knows she’s a Cylon, now everyone on the ship does…and the Commander lays bleeding on the table AND THE SEASON IS FRACKING OVER?!

*deep breath*

Nope, that isn’t going to cut it.

*deep breath x 2*

So, okay. Lets start with things I forgot to mention in last post.

Starbuck feels betrayed by her father figure, causing her to rebel. Which is pretty typical, especially given Starbucks nature, it really isn’t surprising. What was surprising was how easy it seemed to be to do so, just a short meeting with Madam President seemed to cut it. I don’t think she got over how Commander reacted to how she told him about letting Zack pass even though in all reality he shouldn’t have. But I guess now that might all be moot!

So Caprica Boomer is pregnant with Helo’s baby who Starbuck just tried to kill because she figured it out rather quickly that Boomer is a Cylon. Now we try to go through the workings of how does a half human get pregnant?

Yes, I just referred to a Cylon as a half human because I really don’t know what else to call her since she can apparently get pregnant. Thats just confusing.

Ship Boomer realizes that she was right and that she was a Cylon, woke up from Sleeper mode and has attempted to kill the Commander? Is the Commander dead? I DON’T KNOW AND DON’T YOU FRACKING TELL ME.

See Lost writers? This is what a season finale is.

PS- I have informed my friend that I am wanting season 2 ASAP. I may have it tomorrow, if not I’ll figure out something else to review for tomorrow. Might be a book, might be a movie, might be another TV show, I don’t know. I’ll figure it out tomorrow. Also, tomorrow night is the season finale of Rescue Me.

{August 29, 2010}   Emmys!

Sorry folks, was going to watch the next episode but I got distracted by my super adorable nephew and the Emmy’s being on. Which, I was super happy that Jim Parsons won (Big Bang Theory is one of my absolute favorite shows of the moment) and John Lithgow for his amazing performance in Dexter did as well.

Next disc starts reviewing tomorrow. Then I will have to talk to my source about getting season 2. Perhaps in between I will do some other reviews? Time will tell.

Also, I’m still open for comic, books, movies and other tv shows for review. Have a good night all!

Oh, after thought….if I go out for Halloween this year, I’m totally dressing up as Zatanna. Now how many people do you think is going to ask me who I am?

Considering the title of this episode has a Part 1 attached to it, I know I’m going to be sitting here with a giant cliffhanger over my head that I’m probably going to not wait until tomorrow for, but watch it tonight, not sleep again and probably kick myself in the morning over.

Not that I’m complaining mind you, I actually like good cliffhangers…especially when I can watch the episode right away afterword. I love watching series after they are complete on DVD afterwords for that reason, but at the same time, I hate spoilers and the internet is chock full of them. Like the end of Dexter last season? Oh yeah, RUINED the NIGHT it came out. I get to watch it the day after since I don’t have Showtime, but no, it was barely even OVER and it was completely ruined for me. Was I angry? Oh yes, I was angry.

Luckily for me, with BSG I have mostly been able to avoid the internet spoiler issue and the people around me who have already seen it have kept their mouths shut. Which is good.

OH, I completely forgot to write about Helo and Boomer from the last episode. Oh. Em. Gee. It’s about time that story moved forward because I was getting bored with it. Just the luck of the draw the Helo saw a Boomer copy. And now Actual Boomer (for this is what I will call her for the time being until I think of something better) is heartbroken, but how can a machine feel that? Can’t they just switch it off? Also, how will Helo react? We saw him run, but it ended there, and I really really want to see how that pans out.

The way I am writing this blog is both during the episode with a conclusive ending I think. I’m still trying out the different styles of doing this so I could really use some feedback as to what you think is the best way of reading this.

So now, onto Kobol’s Last Gleaming….Part 1. Kobol is the planet the Neileo told Starbuck they needed to get to Earth. Will this be how the humans survive? Let us find out!

Helo encounters Boomer…will he kill her?

Okay, Starbuck calling out the wrong name during sex, hilarious to me, but a little weird that she’s lusting after the brother of her dead fiance.

Well…he shot her. But she’s not dead. What does he do?

I think Apollo VS Commander in the sparring match is actually a lot more symbolism to me then it should be. They’ve always butted heads, and I think they actually physically showed it in this time.

So if Helo gets rescued…will he rat out Boomer?

Prophecy! Prophecy! Prophecy! Madam President is the Prophecy? She is going to die soon and all, from what it looks like.

Baltar and Starbuck Cardgame…awkward.

Baltar loves Starbuck…awkward? I think its because Whore Cylon isn’t physically there. He just keeps technically masturbating…he’s just going to … oh look, he’s cracking.

He’s cracked.

Whore Cylon is angry!

Is Boomer going to be activated? That would be interesting…

Planet looks like Earth, but I’m going to vote its Kobol.

Helo is angry…and should probably listen to Boomer.

Apollo is angry Starbuck slept with Baltar….why?

I win! Its Kobol!

Ship Boomer is suicidal….I think she knows shes a Cylon even though Balter had lied to her. Something is awake inside.

Aw, Whore Cylon said what I said.

Balter is pushing her towards the path of awakening the Cylon in her. Whore Cylon thinks she’s weak, but she’ll eventually carry out her mission. What is her mission?? Also, Whore Cylon looks stunned at what Baltar said to Boomer.

Did…did Ship Boomer just kill herself?

No…apparently Ship Boomer messed up. Chief is there talking to her, which makes things really awkward. Boomer is aware she’s a Cylon I think. But she’s scared of it.

OH wow. Cylons vs the Raptors….this is crazy tense.

End of the episode, time for a conclusion!

While I didn’t feel the episode left with the cliffhanger I thought it would, it was still an interesting cliffhanger nonetheless. What will happen with Starbuck? Will she get Helo while she’s at Caprica? Will Helo kill her thinking she’s a Cylon?

How will the Commander react towards the President for giving Starbuck orders behind his back?

I am probably going to watch the next episode tonight, at least thats what I’m hoping for, I’m in the middle in a very long chain that still isn’t done. So, I’ll hopefully have the next post up tonight.

So, I put this on without writing an opening first. I guess after guessing wrong on all of the titles so far as to what the episode may lead to frustration slightly. But, also, this one is kind of a cut forward title. Its going to be politics.

Tom Zarek I find to be one of the more interesting politicians I’ve seen played on TV. He’s charismatic and has the right motivation to say what he wants to say, he’s just absolutely terrible at doing so. He wants peace and a normal life, yet he acts in violence and trickery. Its an oddly drawing story and I really am enjoying it. Plus he makes Madam President squirm which I do enjoy.

Ellen is proving herself to be a whore in more ways then one, and I despise her. Like I’m supposed to, I’m sure. Her hold on the Colonel worries me and I’m not sure if the Colonel, or her, will see the end of season 1. Which is a shame…as much as the Colonel is an ass, he’s a great character.

I was disappointed in the lack of usage with the Commander in this. If anyone was to have a political opinion, I would think Madam President would use his more than anyone else. Commander was really the one to make the calls, I would think she would see that.

So there is one more episode on this disc and I’m not quite done with my current weave I’m going through, so I believe I will be watching it. Also, I would still like opinions on where I should start with The Green Lantern, as I would like to start reading those as soon as I can. I will soon be reviewing Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, also Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk (who is one of my favorite authors and I’ve actually read this book countless times.)

If you have any reccomendations for comics or books, please let me know! I am open to all ideas here! I have quite a few series lined up so this can be going for a long time…at least if I know I have readers. Drop me a line! Thanks!

Just from the title of the episode I’m really hoping that there is more good religious debates between the Cylons and the humans. I like them. I find them super interesting.

Also, I’m hoping for more tense moments. I didn’t feel them in the last episode like I like, and I like those tense awkward moments. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few there, but they just didn’t have the same level of intensity that I was looking for.

Also, I’ll be writing all of this one after the episode. I’m trying out different ways of blogging to see which one I like better.

Things that were very prominate in this episode to me were the following:

Baltars God Complex: He feels he is God’s instrument, but I just think he’s a tool. I think he’s a tool for the Cylons and that he’s there for no one but himself and his libido. I honestly just want to rip his eyes out half of the time that he’s on screen…which is what I’m going to guess is how I’m supposed to feel.

Apollo VS Starbuck: I’m not meaning VS like FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, but I do mean in the sense of Apollo’s manhood feels threatened by the fact Starbuck is the superior pilot to him, and everyone around him says so. I mean, I see where  he’s coming from and the testosterone really was a flowing from him in this episode, but at the same time he still pulls rank over her so wouldn’t he feel some sort of pride in that? I was glad though to see him with the tense action instead of Starbuck, as much as I love her it was good to see that there are other pilots out there just as good as her. Apollo may not be crazy like she is, but he definitely is a fantastic pilot.

Cylons are still smarter…the human decoys did not work. They still have 2 Cylons (I’m counting Baltar as a Cylon now) aboard the ship, and 1 Cylon leading a human around a dead city. They still pull ahead in this game.

The Prophecy: I’m really really curious to see how this goes. I really like the thought of it, I really like the religion behind it…I want this to pan out more and I really really hope it does.

Okay, thats all for this episode. I don’t know if I’m going to finish up this disc today or not, probably will, but we’ll see. Until the next blog post!

And so begins better blogging with Disc 3 of the series, although I am still not giving up finger weaving as I am currently getting closer to finishing my scarf that I’m hoping will turn out…I eventually am going to have to take a knitting class, just so I can make a Dr. Who scarf.

Anyway, the subject arose that I don’t think of Cylons as humans. True fact, I don’t, and I won’t. (This was brought up on my Facebook wall, not here, by the way.) They are machines, that were originally built by man who became self aware and created more of themselves, but are still machines. They don’t refer to themselves as humans and don’t like to be tied into with the humans. Whore Cylon and Blow Up Cylon (the one who blew himself up on the ship) made that clear that they have a distaste for Boomer because she is the most human out of them. So, I don’t refer to them as human or even have human like quality, I think of them as a robot. And yes, I’m terrified of robots.

Now to continue on to the show!

Do I believe Adama is a Cylon? No. I would say Madam President is one before he is.

Actually, with the way Madam Presidents assistant acts, I kinda think he could be. He’s suspicious of everything! And he sneaks around for the President.

Neileo got into Madam Presidents head….Fear and chaos has spread, just like he wants.

I guess now would be a good time to share my dislike for Madam President. While I understand that she’s there to bring humanity to the Commander and such, she does not know how to deal with being in war. Now I guess for someone who was just kind of thrown into the position I understand that, she doesn’t know what she’s doing. I guess she just bores me and doesn’t keep me into the story.

But now Balter is on the screen, and he’s talking to Whore Cylon about the difficulties of doing this test on everyone. Which it looks like he’s about to get action from said Whore Cylon. But isn’t she not really there? So someone is going to walk in on him masturbating…which just happens to be Starbuck. Good for her. Haha Whore Cylon is still in screwing position.

There is still a lot more sex in space then I figured there would be.

Colonel is out of alcohol. How will he handle it? Probably not well, considering the burned picture of the woman….who I’m going to guess is a wife who wasn’t so nice.

Cylon Radar either isn’t very smart or is too wounded to get home.

Well, Colonels wife isn’t dead, and apparently is named Ellen.

Okay, I’m stifll wondering why of all of the people out there, why do they play games with Helo? Helo isn’t very special it seems…

Well it looks like Ellen is alive, and Colonel doesn’t dislike her…my thought was she wasn’t going to be good things. Well, who knows. From her story, it seems like she could be another one of the Cylons. Well that will be weird to deal with.

I’m getting the feeling Ellen is a whore and is going to drive the Colonel to drink again. Oh yay.

That looks like one uncomfortable dinner party

And bringing up Zack just upped that awkward level…..and Ellen being more than slightly flirtatious made it much much more awkward.

Oh good, no one likes Ellen except for the Colonel. More awkward dinner parties ahead?

Get up Helo! Run Helo Run!

So I was right, Ellen seems to be a whore, and lies about being a whore too!

The discussion of feeling passion between Whore Cylon and Blow Up Cylon is pretty much a sum up of where I get my notion of the Cylons not being human. They don’t feel how we do, they don’t understand the feelings like we do. They find feelings of passion weak, yet they also want to know what the experience is. How can I think of them as any sort of human without those things?

Well thats fun Baltar is just going to lie about everyones test and we’re never going to know. I really could see Ellen being a Cylon, but it might also be just because its so blatantly obvious that she could be one that making her one would just be a cop-out.

On a Non-BSG related note, I’m going to start throwing in other reviews in here as well. I figure between Comic Books and other TV shows, movies and what not I might as well throw those in as well, its not like they aren’t talked about and what not.

I’ve decided I need to get into the Green Lantern series. NOT because of the Ryan Reynolds movie coming out soon, but because while at a friends house on Friday I got to watch the animated movie and I actually enjoyed it. So, all of you Green Lantern fans out there, where do I begin? What should I look for first?


I am so excited for that you have no idea.

Anyway, here are my notes written. Hopefully it forms into my greatest blog post ever in your brain!

Normal posting to resume tomorrow, as I will write it out as I watch it. Or something like that.

Madam Presidents Dream: Stress from Cancer? Stress from Cylons? Combination of the two?

Cylon- Neileo is a creeper

Boomer developing feelings for Helo? Again, why Helo?

Boomer negating Cylon protocol?

Religion: Cylon vs Human vs God

Dead Cylon = Someone who can’t redownload into a new body

“No soul-I have software. If I die, I’m gone.”

Baltar finds out Boomer is  a Cylon. Not surprising he’s the first.

Neileo imprinted on Madam Presidents brain. Like Whore Cylon on Baltar?

“All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.”

Kobalt will lead you to Earth.

President = Cylon?

Neileo is claiming Adama to be a Cylon…creating fear which creates chaos

Starbuck gains humanity from a Cylon.


I promise, a real blog post soon.

I’m just writing my notes here, or at least what I can read of them. I’m sorry if they don’t make any sense. But this is literally what I am reading and I have no idea what I was trying to convey. It also doesn’t help that I am extremely exhausted…my allergies are kicking my butt this year, and I can’t sleep 😦 I know, no sympathy for a blog girl, but really it sucks!! So here’s my notes. Enjoy!

Religion talk!! I REALLY WISH I WROTE BETTER NOTES HERE. I think its odd that Cylons believe they have souls. Religion VS Superstition….who believes what, and what is right?

Hooray! Balter is finally paying for his sins!

Whore Cylon not being a whore? Also, whole “seeing” thing was pretty funny.

I really want him to say “You’re a whore! A filthy filthy whore!” via Family Guy. Yes, I actually did write that down.

Whore Cylon is seducing the Commander. Whore Cylon is a whore.

Hooray Commander is smarter than Whore Cylon!

Bathroom Chat

Weird cut paper…is there a reason for that?

Boomer molesting Cylon Radar plane. Chief is suspicious. Do not blame Chief.

Baltar is a Genius. Why can’t he scramble a picture?

Helo Boomer Sexytime – Boomer Cylon Mirror

Whore Cylon returns for an encore of Whoreishness

Whore Cylon has been found out. Hooray!

Shelly Godfried = Baltars Mind Whore Cylon?!?! And so the Cylons are crazy more advanced then us…

You can figure out a blog post within there… 😀

{August 28, 2010}   Battlestar Galactica: Litmus

Litmus is defined by as blue coloring matter obtained from certain lichens, especially Rocecella tinctoria. In alkaline solution, litmus turns blue, in acid solution, red: widely used as a chemical indicator.

Prior to watching this episode, after reading what exactly Litmus meant, my guess the episode was going to delve into the Boomer storyline. Maybe the doctor would have gotten further into his research or something.

Was I right? Let us find out!

Again, I’m having notes issues. I really need to learn how to write better. Not like chicken scratch thats trying to be cursive.

The investigative officer was seen in another episode. But I really didn’t think she was much of anything. Good to know.

Note was Public Help = Scrubs hospital. I think maybe I thought they looked alike? Not really sure where I was going with that.

Two different scandals arose! Could the Chief be cheating on Boomer with Callie? Or did Boomer let the ManFace Cylon in?

Tribunals are always something that is like a jury but more judgmental, and it just doesn’t ever seem like a good idea to me. But I think part of me always thinks of Survivor and really needs a torch put out at the end. Unfortunately, there is no torches in space.

Whore Cylon is apparently She-Hulk. Good to know!

Okay, seriously, why is the game being played with Helo? Did he do something special?

Chief suspects Boomer!!! WILL SHE BE FOUND OUT?!

As I write this, my computer keeps freezing. I will post as many as I can tonight but I’m going to have to start writing out clearer thoughts in my notes.  Only 2 more episodes with these crappy notes. I promise only two more crappy notes before I get to the either A) Good notes or B) I’ll just write it out as I watch the episode, but I doubt that will be happening since I get distracted by stupid things like Facebook and shiny objects.

et cetera